Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adventures in Quilt Photography

Who knew trying to get that perfect shot of a quilt could be hazardous to your health?!
Has anyone ever gotten a concussion from taking quilt pictures?!!!
What about the flu?!

My (well, our family's) Christmas present from my sister is this beautiful gift quilt she made and shipped to us in Montana just in time for Christmas!

She even embroidered all of our names...including Max!
I just LOVE it and wanted to take a million the perfect picture to show everyone.

The weather would just not cooperate.  There wasn't enough snow for my skiing husband's liking...the sun didn't make an appearance for days, but the wind sure did!

The day we flew home, the wind disappeared and the sun and snow arrived.  Isn't that always the way?  
That morning (very early in case you can't tell by the lighting) I convinced my husband to help me take pictures at a location I had scouted for just this purpose. 

Did I mention the temperature also dropped quite a bit?  I suggested he take pictures from the cozy warmth of the car, while I stood outside and held up the quilt.  

He kept trying to get me and the mountains in the picture, but I was envisioning the quilt in front of the Christmas-like trees with the sparkling lights.  I convinced him to switch places and let me take the pictures ;-)

That's when I slipped and landed flat on my back....right as another car pulled up.  Ouch!!! 
How about some humiliation to go with that headache?!  
It's nice to know others take pictures of this beautiful scenery....but somehow I think I was the only one out there adding a quilt to the vistas ;-) 

Still trying to get that perfect shot, I made the kids join us in hiking up the ski bridge.  By that time, the wind was back and it was getting even colder.  

For some reason, I didn't get any of these type Hey Girl comments ....
(OK, if you haven't seen the Handmade Ryan Gosling site, go there now!)....
....instead, mine were "Hey Rene', tell me again why we are taking pictures of the quilt outside?"

or "Hey Mom, how many pictures of quilts do you really need to take?!" 
and "Hey Mom, take the picture's freezing out here!"

Next time..... I bring the tripod!
All joking aside, my family was very supportive in this adventure, and we all really love our new quilt!!!!
Thanks so much Michelle!!!!!


  1. It is a great quilt! What a fun story you now have to go with it.

  2. The pictures of Michelle's wonderful quilt are so fun and your story of getting them cracked me up! Montana is gorgeous.

  3. Oh, Rene', you made me laugh and cry with this posting! You know how I felt about your quilt (we can be our own worst critics), but your pictures really captured the good in the quilt, and not my "oops" in it. I can just hear your "guys" comments, and I love them even more for being a part of your "adventure." Despite the cold and wind, you all made the photo session(s) look like lots of fun. BTW...I think in the future I will have you take the pictures of ALL my quilts ;-)

  4. The setting is magical and the quilt is beautiful. The story of trying to photograph it was funny. I hope it is at home safe and sound with you and that you are back in the warm FL weather again.

  5. Love the quilt-what a great present. Reading the account of the photo shoot did make me laugh. Such a magical setting. Hope you have recovered from the slip!!

  6. Lol, you certainly got the perfect shots!

  7. Love the addition of the names to the cute gift quilt! But sorry the photo shoot was sooooo painful!!!

  8. What a beautiful quilt your sister sent you! I love it! How thoughtful! And your story about trying to get a photo was pretty funny. I hate it when the weather won't cooperate. I hope your back and head are okay!