Friday, April 1, 2011

Safe Travels

I am trying to post this real quick before my husband drives me to the airport.  Our family has been traveling a lot lately...well, my oldest son has anyway.  He drove from the Pacific Northwest to Florida, visiting family and friends along the way, barely missing mudslides that took out roads in California and tornadoes that took out trees in Florida, to arrive safely in time to say goodbye to me ;-)

The next OMQG meeting is immediately after I get back, so I worked on some things for that meeting.
Here is our May Block of the Month...not sure what to call it....but wanted to go with red and white after seeing all these awesome red and white quilts online.

Mug Rug for a future swap.  This mug doesn't really match, but it is a favorite given to me by a friend.  Can you see it says "Excuse me?  Did you just try and talk to me before I've had my coffee?"
Love that!!!

This mug matches a little bit better, don't you think.

Here's the back.  I did a pillowcase type finish here so no binding required.

Have an amazing weekend!!!!!
I'm off to Mississippi!


  1. Have fun, be safe and enjoy!

    Love the block and the mug rugs...just insert "Coke" for coffee and that's me. I am a Southern kinda gal!

  2. Have a good trip, Rene' and stay safe. Lovely mug rug and quilt, but sure made me want a cup of coffee from viewing it all!