Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Musings on Food, Family and Quilts

When I got back home from visiting my parents, I put on my Facebook page something to the affect of "back to reality and being a mom rather than being a daughter" which I don't think anyone got based on the few number of Comments/Likes ;-)  
I was trying to point out how it was a nice change being taken care of (role of daughter) for a few days rather than being "in charge" (role of mother).  

Got Pink?
I spent more than a few hours on the couch reading, napping, chatting and watching TV under several cozy and comfy quilts.  I hadn't seen this quilt since I sent it to my mom (was it really a year ago) for Valentine's Day (only because I didn't finish it in time for Christmas).   It was like seeing an old friend ;-)  I spent most of my time under this quilt!

 It is a good feeling to know that the quilts you make for others are being used and appreciated.  I saw quite a few quilts on display (on a sideboard, over a couch {or two}, on a bed, on the wall) that had been made over the years by various family members....they tend to add up after a while ;-)  I also saw up close and personal at least two quilts my new-to-quilting sister had made, and I noticed her very straight and perfect quilting does she do that?!

Granny Harper's gumbo, Harper's Sauce of St. Lawrence, boiled jumbo shrimp and Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
Other than being lazy, the main event was what my sister termed the Harper Gumbo Throwdown!  which involved Dad teaching us how to make our grandmother's seafood gumbo.  After years of searching (and the help of St. Anthony, patron saint of lost items),  Granny Harper's original recipe was found.  Michelle did all the cooking while I took know all good cooks are kind of vague with their ingredients and instructions ;-) My dad had made up a batch of boiled shrimp to go with his yummy Harper's Sauce of St. Lawrence (closely guarded secret family recipe).  Talk about some good coastal Southern food!!!!  My sister did take some pictures of the cooking lesson (with people to prove that we did make it), but you'd have to go on Facebook to see them...think I need to introduce her to Flickr.

One of 8 Katrina Story Quilts
My camera and I seem to be estranged these days....thank goodness cell phones now have cameras....never leave home without one ;-)  I saw these two quilts on display in the Gulfport airport right after going through security (can you say full body scan?).  I snapped a few quick pictures with my phone, but I've had a hard time finding much information online about the original exhibit.  You can't really see the details of the quilts that well, but they are made with children's art work.  Each drawing was individually scanned onto fabric.

"Rebuilding Our Town" Katrina Story Quilt
The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center (Mississippi's First Children's Museum) worked with Gulf Coast elementary students in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina giving them an outlet and opportunity to express their emotions about the hurricane and providing others with insight into their feelings.   The top left of this Katrina Story Quilt has the words "We are rebuilding our towns, our churches and our schools, our houses and our yards, our roads and our stores." Almost six years after the hurricane, even though most of the area has been rebuilt and strengthened, you can still see evidence of Katrina's destruction.

I'd like to find out more about the eight original Katrina Story Quilts.  The one link I found that seems to have the most information (  fails to open.  I'll have to do some research on this.

Have an amazing day!!!!
Sorry for the long one will be shorter ;-)


  1. As is your style, you give me way too much credit...for the gumbo and quilting :) But I love the way you lift me up!! What an awesome trip it was! I love the pictures of the story quilts. How wonderful that the children were given the opportunity to express their experiences of Katrina through difficult for some to express with words. Didn't we take the kids to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, or am I thinking of another place?

  2. The food looks wonderful! Glad you had such a great time.

  3. I can't remember the last time I got to be pampered like that. Right now I'm in "sandwich" mode. Taking care of kids at home and my parents. There are I really appreciated your thoughts about this. Makes you think, and be thankful!

    Thanks for the story and pictures of Katrina quilts. I had no idea. So interesting!

  4. Good Morning Rene',
    What an awesome post! I would have "liked" your FB status, for sure! You were a daughter first so I think it's cool you can "go back" so to speak for just a little while. My husband and I get away to our NC cabin without children and it's nice not to have to play "Mom" for a few days. It's all possible because I have the absolute best in-laws in the whole wide world!!!
    Some of us enjoy the long post :o)

  5. Oh I totally get the mother/daughter thing; I too love being the daughter and be taken care of every now and then.-)