Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Issues

Lately I seem to be having all sorts of issues ;-)  This week it has been issues with my internet.  I'm hanging out at Panera this morning mooching off their free wi fi....and enjoying their hazelnut coffee and a pumpkin muffin.

I put this quilt top in the mail yesterday to my longarmer in Utah.  There is no way I'm tacking this one myself.  My note to her basically says "call me to discuss". 

What color thread and design would you suggest for this?  I certainly have no idea.  The backing fabric is a dark gray, and I'm thinking of a simple black for the binding.  What do you think?

These three blocks have been made into a table runner, and it's even quilted and bound!  
I just forgot to take a picture of it...figures!  

I did take pictures of our guild's visit to a local nursing home we adopted for the holidays.  Here's the quilt I made.  I sure hope she likes it.  You can see more pictures of the quilts our talented and generous guild members' made on our blog post.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. I love that solid quilt! I am no help when it comes to choosing thread or quilting designs, but the quilt top is just fantastic.

    That lady with your string quilt looks like she is already enjoying it! It's nice that she will have something warm and cheery and handmade for Christmas.

  2. What a wonderful way to give back! She looks like she loves it.

    Your quilt top is amazing! But unfortunately I'm drawing a blank on design and thread.... :o(

  3. Rene those solid pieces look great together! It looks wonderful - I'm sure your LA lady will have some great ideas. At the moment I am thinking of an all-over curvy pattern in a gray thread, but I'm sure anything you pick will be stunning!

  4. Great quilt top. Personally I wouldn't use black for the binding, I think it would be too harsh. I'd go with one of the more neutral of the block colours and one which leans towards the setting it will be on. For me I'd pick out one of the rusts or terracottas because those are the colours I live with most comfortably. Just my thoughts. As far as quilting goes, gosh it's a difficult one, I'll be keen to hear what your long armer suggests!

  5. Love the pictures of the woman in her wheel chair with your beautiful quilt to keep her warm, comfort her and make her smile!

  6. I love your modern quilt. Since the top right and lower left are pinks, I think I'd go with a pink tone. It would look great on the back, too. I think I'd bind it in one of the blues or teals.

  7. You do not know me but I would go with curvy quilting pattern and very multi-colored thread. I agree with above - go with a softer binding than black.