Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Added Bonus

of belonging to a great quilt guild is the free therapy you receive!  Who knew?!!!
Thanks girls for listening to me gripe, complain, vent talk (and talk and talk and talk) ;-)

During all my talking, I chain pieced 90 pairs of blocks for my Quilt #2.

I thought with that pile of blocks there would be more than enough for a lap size quilt, but 42 more blocks are needed.  Obviously, the layout will change once those blocks are complete.  I just wanted to get an idea of the size.

From the extra solids I ordered, yesterday I finally cut the additional 18 4x6 inch blocks needed for Quilt #1. The rug doesn't make the best backdrop for these solids, but my design wall was confiscated for quilt batting ;-)  It has since been replaced thanks to a 50% off coupon to JoAnns.

Look what I found when going through my Christmas stuff:  my first (and only) hand pieced pillow.  I had forgotten all about the time I took a "hand quilting" class at JoAnn's.  This was years before my first quilt class at the LQS.  I still think I have some of those fabrics in my stash!

Have an amazing day!!!!  I'm off to finish piecing Quilt #1 before my daughter's orchestra concert.


  1. I love what you're doing with those solids, Rene! Can't wait to see the result! (lol - my captcha word was "mania" - does it know we're quilters?_

  2. The solids you chose are so beautiful together. These are going to be some awfully pretty quilts. Hope it's a little warmer in FL than it is here in AL.

  3. Love how the solids are coming along Rene! I recently purchased a bunch of solids from connecting threads and I'm hoping they'll come in today.

  4. it all looks great! was fun on Saturday!

  5. Wonderful gradations and fabric colors---it's going to be a beauty. Your pillow is so cute.

    Happy Holidays and keep chatting:)

    ~ Madeline