Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Spirit

How did it get to be December already?!!!  
In two weeks, we'll be heading to Montana...I am so not ready!

Took from Selvage Blog ;-)

The weather here has turned chilly which is helping with the Christmas spirit.  It is hard to decorate, shop and listen to Christmas carols when the temperature hovers near the 90º mark!  I did some of all of that yesterday (decorate, shop, listen to Christmas music) and even found a little time to sew.

While dinner was in the oven, I played around with making a couple of coffee cuffs.  The above picture shows my first attempt.  I found some coordinated scraps and went to work.  When I finished sewing, I found the perfect button in my box.  The colors match and the "Go green" wording is very appropriate.

This brown and blue coffee cuff was purchased during Craft Hope for Haiti (I was a frequent shopper there).  I purchased two of them (can't find the other one) donated by Anna Michelle Quilts.  I keep this coffee cuff handy in my car for those much needed coffee pit stops ;-)

This black and white one is my favorite so far.  I used Anna Michelle's cuff as a guide for tracing my pattern, but as for the rest, I referred to Terri's tutorial.  Terri's instructions are very easy to follow, and  I whipped up two rather quickly.  For these two, I used fusible interfacing (that's what I had on hand), but don't think the cuffs are thick/sturdy enough.  Next time I will go with something "cushier".  Terri uses velcro for the closure; Anna Michelle used a button and an elastic loopy thing.  I don't have either, so will search them out at JoAnn's when I stock up on batting with my 50% off coupon!

How are you doing with your holiday decorating, shopping, crafting?

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Love the black and white one. The fabric is perfect. I am done except for my Dad and brother. They are very hard to buy/make for and I never feel successful in my attempts.

  2. I will swap you your 90, for a 23? LOL

    Hubby might be going to a client's in Clearwater after Christmas and I might fly down with him. How far away is Orlando?

    Love the coffee cup holders!

  3. Love your coffee cuffs! It makes me happy to hear my tute was helpful. We are looking forward to putting up all our Christmas decorations this weekend, so that will definitely put me in the festive spirit. I mailed a couple handmade gifts already so the recipients could enjoy them longer, and I have a couple Christmas projects left to finish, which I'll do after my semester ends.

  4. Hi, Rene- love your cuffs, one can never have enough of those! That Go Green Button really is perfect. Get's me to thinking that they'd make the perfect gift for my caffeine addicted coworkers. Ah, and one for meself, of course. Thanks for the suggestion!