Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Projects

There is only so much quilting I can do at one sitting.  I still prefer piecing to quilting, but I'm sticking with the quilting...even if it kills me.  The entire time I am quilting, thoughts of new projects and ideas fill my head.   It is very distracting ;-)

My Bernina for quilting
You would think I was my daughter trying to avoid homework ;-)  
I rearranged my studio....AGAIN!  
I ordered my Christmas cards...had to figure out a Plan B since my oldest did not make it home for Thanksgiving...hence no recent family photo
Change of address cards were designed and printed...took longer than necessary with my limited PhotoShop experience and printer issues
A trip to JoAnns was necessary to use the 50% off coupon....bought a HUGE bolt of batting.
In between all this some quilts were quilted....partially.

My Janome for piecing.
I moved my Janome into my studio as well.  This way I can easily work on a smaller project when taking breaks from quilting.  Usually my Janome is either in its travel bag, on the kitchen table or on a desk in the laundry room.

This scarf was one of those little projects.  I used a tutorial I printed a while back.  (I'll try and figure out where it's from and post the link.)  This is a quick and easy scarf to make.

The front is made from scraps.  The background fabric is leftover Moda Grunge from Basic Grey that I used in "Quilt #1".  I love this fabric!!!  I need more!  The red is Plume; the green is Nest, and I can't remember the middle fabric's name.

The pattern called for flannel backing, but I used this really soft corduroy I found at my LQS on Black Friday.  I think it is a nice touch.  I tried it on, and it feels warm and cozy!

That's two now from my list I never thought I'd get to ;-)  Not bad.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. I love the scarf! I have those on my list too. The corduroy backing is a great idea!

  2. The scarf is beautiful and enviable in its completion! I would like to make one too since the fuzzies from yarn irritate me! LOL

    Sorry to hear the whole family couldn't be together for Thanksgiving. I hope they can for Christmas!

    Have an awesome day whatever you do!

  3. Lovely scarf. Keep up the'll get there!!!

  4. i agree! you can only do so much quilting at once. breaks are good! :)

  5. Great idea having your 2 machines going. Gives you more options especially if you want to avoid quilting. The scarf looks great.I ran out of time & materials to make one for our winter. I had the feature fabric and new I had some wool for the back in my stash. Well that wool had been nibbled by creatues so it was not usable. Bummed I moved to another project. Gotta love the flexibility of our minds to quickly move to another project and our wonderful stash which gives us the material to move on.