Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trip

My husband underestimated the time it would take to drive from Big Sky to Glacier, but we are finally here!  Our hotel has wireless internet so I can post, but for some reason my mail is not working.  I promise, one of these days, I'll catch up on my emails.

The drive gave me plenty of time to sew the binding onto the back of my color wheel.  

I picked up this magazine from Quilting in the Country.  I have never seen this before, but when I get home, I going to see if my LQS carries it.  The "DIY:  cowboy-boot purses" on the cover caught my eye.  The article did not disappoint, and the magazine is jam packed with interesting articles.  There is a website that I plan to checkout as well...when I get home and have a little more time. Is anyone familiar with this magazine?  I think she also has a book out as well.

We stopped in Kalispell to gas up the car.  While sitting in the car look what I saw across the street!  Can you believe my family would not agree to check it out?!  I ran out of a certain green embroidery thread needed to finish my AAQI, but no one in the car sympathized ;-)  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Have an amazing day!!


  1. it's the quilt shops that are "following" YOU.... not the other way 'round.

    the magazine looks interesting,

    and your colour wheel is fantastic!!


  2. It's amazing where those quilt shops pop up isn't it? I'm sorry but I think your family were very unreasonable, you'd only have been a couple of hours after all!!

  3. That magazine looks really funny. We didn't have to bring home our first goat. One day, one just showed up in our yard, kind of like the donkey that the previous owners left!

    Have fun and hope you get to stop and get that thread!

  4. Oh look, there's a quilt shop right over there! Too bad you couldn't run in quick to get that thread. I love how your color wheel turned out. I wanted to make that cuz it looked like a fun project to work on when you're on the go. I have seen that magazine at B&N but haven't looked at it. Enjoy the trip!

  5. I would have hopped out of the car while hubby was fueling it and trotted across the street!

    Our Barnes & Noble carries that magazine, her books are interesting too, if for nothing other than the lovely photos she has!!!

  6. enjoy! the magazine looks yummy and your color wheel is amazing!

  7. I'm a quilter, and I married a quilter so stopping for us would be a must. In fact, once on a road trip across Kansas to a funeral, we managed to stop (and shop!) at 8 different quilt shops.

  8. I purchased Mary Janes Farm too! It's the first issue I think I've ever seen on the newsstand (or maybe the tractor just caught my eye!). It was actually at the grocery store (where I also buy all my quilting magazines. Your trip sounds like a blast.

  9. I LOVE that magazine -- I'm a subscriber after picking up my first issue a couple years ago . . . she has several books out, and I want them all!

  10. I'm with Shelly - also a subscriber and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Newest issue shows how to make your own hammock out of double lined curtains - already found mine at Goodwill and ready for a challenge!!! I have a couple of her books and really like them! :-)