Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Dance

I can't believe it, but in a few hours I will head to the airport for my quilt retreat!!!!  I've been so busy trying to get my house in order, organizing things as best I can for the family I am abandoning for a few days that it didn't really sink in that I will be gone for FIVE. WHOLE. DAYS. ALL. BY. MYSELF.!!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!!  I won't know what to do with myself ;-)

I got a special treat a few days ago when I got my hair cut.  My friend Leslie's Mom is a quilter, and she made this adorable wall quilt just for me....just because!!!!  How sweet is that?!

The fabric has the funnest sayings.  Can you read them?  There is "Happiness is relaxing after the shop hop", "If I stay here long enough, maybe they'll make their own dinner", "A clean house is a sign of a broken sewing machine" and others.  I love it!!!!!  I am so touched that she made this especially for me!  Thank you so much Mariane!!!!

I received another wonderful surprise from Julie.  At our last sew day, I mentioned how I wanted something fun and easy to work on at the quilt retreat, and Julie suggested this Red Center quilt.

I thought it was perfect.  Well, Julie knew I was a teeny bit stressed with the move and all and showed up at my house with these gorgeous fabrics all cut up and ready to go!!!!!!

Can you believe it?  Look at these luscious fabrics.  I spotted quite a few Kaffe Fasset's in there.  Julie supplied a whole quilt kit just for me!  Incredible!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Julie!!!!

I have to thank my family too!  They have been very understanding about me wanting to go on this quilt retreat...even though I am leaving them to contend with the house in disarray...over Father's Day weekend....with family coming in town to feed and entertain.  I will miss not being home to celebrate Father's Day with my husband and kids, but we all go to Montana a few days after I come home!!!

Can you see now why I'm doing the happy dance?

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Have a superb retreat.Isn't Julie such a darling friend.Oh I love that wall hanging and the sayings on it-how special.
    i can understand the house in disarray-mine is still not sorted but getting there!

  2. What lovely presents - aren't friends great? I hope you have a wonderful retreat, enjoy!

  3. Have fun Rene', you sure deserve it after moving houses. Your friend is so thoughtful; it's going to be a beautiful quilt! Say hi to the rest of your blogging friends from me.-)

  4. Have a fabulous time! I'm so excited for you. Sounds like a great break from moving stuff!

  5. You are one lucky lady to have such wonderful and loving friends. Have an amazing time at the retreat!

  6. You'll have a great time!! YOu've got some very sweet people in your life. What a blessing.

  7. have a blast - what cool kit Julie made for you! can't wait to see it finished!

  8. Enjoy the retreat. I want to hear about it when you return.

  9. Love the fabric. Hope you have an awesome time at the retreat! Can't wait for my "induction" into the world of quilting!!!