Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

By the end of the week, temperatures are expected to return to normal here in Florida.

In the meantime, here is what my fountain looked like this weekend.

From my studio window, I enjoy seeing, and especially hearing, the water flowing through the fountain.

I am looking forward to a little thawing around here.

Have an amazing day!!


  1. Rene', isn't that crazy! We went to Ohio to take the boys snow tubing and on the way there and back, thick, thick fog!

    I need to take some time and "browse" your blog! You've added so many new things...the banner is beautiful! and I want to visit all the cool buttons and wips' and other things!

    Thanks for the pics. My parents near Dade, are using their furnace! Global warming? LOL

  2. Looks awesome! There was a piece in the local paper with a bunch of winter pictures, and the headline was "If not for icicles and snow winter would be very ugly.

  3. Yea for "normal". Love your photos.

  4. Isn't Mother Nature amazing! Aren't you glad the ice will be gone in a couple of days!!!

    I'm in southern Louisiana and we have also been freezing and tomorrow will be back to normal - yeah!!!!

  5. That is beautiful! Cold, but beautiful. Here's looking forward to the lovely sound of it thawing, soon.

  6. In response to Cara's comment, yeah, without icicles and snow, you'd get San Antonio, TX!! That's where I live, it's either really cold, or rather muggy, and lately it's been rainy, yuck. We're sort of used to grey winters around here though. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is sooo cute! I love that AAQI quilt you did with the tree and the hearts. Was that a pattern or did you just create as you went along? I'd love to see a pattern for that one. Way to go on your sewing room makeover. I needed more room for quilting so my machine is downstairs at the moment. I'll be back soon!

  7. Lovely pictures of your frozen fountain!! I'm guessing everything is back to running normally now.