Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Love

Yesterday's post was so long, I held these pictures back.  I meant to take pictures of these little quilts in the daylight in a more artistic setting, but I forgot.  Oh, well.  You still get the idea.

This is another quilt for AAQI.  I named it Tree of Love and has random hearts appliqued around a tree.  Appliqueing is another first for me.

This AAQI quilt is named Stars and Stripes and is made with honey bun strips and some left over fat quarters.  If I continue to make quilts for the AAQI, which I'd like to, I will need to get a little more creative with the naming.  I also had trouble completing the Artist's Statement portion of the registration in a way that sounded creative and artistic.

Here is another Before picture.  This is a corner of my office closet.

This is the After I cleaned it off, but Before I put the fabric back on the shelves.

How do you sort your fabric?  There are so many ways.  Do you arrange your jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cakes, fat quarters, etc. of a particular line together?  Do you sort your fabric into colors?  What about the quantity?  If you sort by color, do you then separate by amount?  For example, do you have separate areas for scraps, strips, stash, fat quarters, yardage?  Then there is the definition of scraps.  How big does a piece of fabric have to be in order to save?  Mind boggling!

This section of the closet shows my Christmas fabric.  I pretty much stopped there.  I would like to hear how you organize your fabric.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Inspirational and dedicated are your middle names, Rene'!

    From someone totally not involved, thank you for your donations of quilts! When we shine, we make the world a little bit brighter!

    I'm so excited about you branching out and trying new things...they say that and continuing to learn help in the fight against Alzheimer's.

    The quilts are just too cute! And just maybe, you could have a contest to name some of the quilts you're making? shameless plug for a chance to win anything! LOL


    on how I store fabric!

    Happy day to you all!

  2. Precuts have there shelf, and FQs are folded according to colour, unless it's a bundle then it's kept together. Larger pieces of fabric get rolled and stacked ontop of each other...this is more about space then anything, because after its first done you can see most of them, but after pulling a few out, putting them back etc, it gets kind of messy.

  3. Great quilts and going to such a worthy cause.

    Right now I have all fabric greater than 1/2 yard organized by color in one area. Jellyrolls, honeybuns, turnovers and layer cakes are kind of displayed (They are so beautiful to look at). Any fabric less than a 1/2 yard is in bins by color (I group colors a little)


  4. All my fabric larger than 1/4 yard is pressed for rotary cutting and stacked by color on shelves in a closet (blue and green share the same shelf). Another shelf is for really large yardage for quilt backs. 1/4 yards and fat quarters have their shelf.

    Less than 1/4 yards and scraps are kept in a plastic 4- drawer dresser-I just posted about cleaning up as my start to the new year. I try to start the year with the smaller pieces piled together by color but it doesn't last long! :)

  5. Love your mini quilts, great job, you must be so proud!

    I keep my family of fabrics together in bins, other fabric I fold the width of the shelf and store by color. I sort and stack batiks separately.

    Yes, the recipe for my daily cupcakes is on the back of each sheet!

  6. Really great, I made a quilt for the Alz org last year. I have a bunch of different size containers for my fabrics,and a laundry hamper for the scraps