Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Two

This is day two of my Virtual Quilt Retreat.  I'm not sure how much I will get accomplished as I have a sick child at home who needs to go to the doctor.

Yesterday, I did a lot of stitching inside the flowers of my wildflower art quilt.  After much research, I still have no clue what I am doing.  Instead of practicing on a sample piece of fabric, I just went for it.  I'm using the actual quilt as my practice piece.  Overall, I am pleased with how it is coming along.  One problem is knowing when to stop.

I am hand sewing these beads to the center of the main flower to give it a three dimensional look.

I free pieced some letters.  They are not sewn together yet and may need to be resized.  It hurt to cut into my Amy Butler fabric for this purpose, but I have more.

If I get a chance, I really hope to finish that wallflower art quilt today.  Who knows, I may even finish all my letters too.

Have an amazing day!!


  1. Hopefully nothing to serious with your little sickie. I love the art quilt. I too often end up using my "good" piece as a practice piece. Probably not the best idea, for me anyways, but yours is looking good, and you seem to be a bit of a natural.

  2. firstly, i hope you and the sickly are feeling better soon and that you didn't catch it from me! lol

    the letters are just too cool and aren't you glad this fabric is new, and not out of print or hard to find!

    the flower quilt is just amazing. i've been waiting to see what you do with it, and i'm not disappointed!

    rest, sew, sleep, sew, eat, sew, play, sew and all will be well!

  3. I love what you are doing with the beading on your sunflower quilt. I can't wait to see it finished. I am learning a lot about quilting by reading your blog. Have fun!

  4. love that flower! Very fun! I meant to learn some beading, but that projects still sits here... something for 2010 to learn!
    great letters too! great job!