Thursday, May 14, 2015

Really Random Thursday: Celebrations

I'm so happy Cindy has reinstated her weekly random posts.  My life is a series of randomness!

Saw this on Instagram...I NEED this!

This past week we celebrated Mother's Day, a couple of milestone birthdays and my middlest's graduation from college.

Proud family!
We weren't all together on Mother's Day Sunday, but the next best thing was seeing the grandparents attend Eric's graduation.  Here we are at the Honors Medallion Ceremony prior to the graduation.

Vanilla, Italian Creme and Red Velvet
Making the honorees serve their own cake
A few days prior to graduation was cousin Zach's 16th birthday...a few days after graduation was Ally's 16th birthday, so it was only natural that we celebrate with three cakes!

I think that's Eric!
Back to the graduation...our son is right there...can you spot him?!  Not content to graduate Summa Cum Laude, he was only one of thirteen that graduated with a perfect 4.0 (did you know an A- is not a 4.0?...crazy).  He worked extremely hard and earned every one of those A's.

He did it!
Thank goodness for the jumbotron when it came time for him to receive his diploma!

Class of 2015!
Eric's ceremony took place at night, so we had to get the classic picture in front of Westcott Fountain another day.

The school could make a lot of money by providing professional photographers here.
We waited until Sunday when the line wasn't that long.

Throwback Thursday to when I graduated from FSU.
Thirty-one years ago the line obviously wasn't an issue.  I told my husband we started a trend...ha!

Found on Facebook
At another college graduation ceremony there's a trend to decorate the caps.  I scrolled through quite a few to find our friend's son's cap and found this one that is my favorite.

Throwback Thursday to when Max was a cover boy
Oh, and Max also had a birthday.  He's a whopping 11 years old.

Clever book title spotted at Barnes & Noble while gift shopping.

experimenting with the meme generator
If you made it this far, I thank you!

Tune in tomorrow....
Come back tomorrow for blogger's quilt festival where I reveal pictures of Eric's graduation quilt.
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  1. You have an amazing son. Congrats to him and you too.

  2. Wow! Your son's smarts are SO impressive! He's remarkable! What was his field of study? I bet he already has a job. It looks like it was a fabulous occasion. He doesn't realize how fortunate he is to have had both sets of grandparents with him. What a blessing for all of you to be together. Such good stuff here, René! It's fun seeing into your life.

  3. Wow! What a busy and wonderful time for your family. :D Congratulations all around.