Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Finish: Passport Holders

Happy Friday everyone!  I am working on a couple of bigger gift items, but I do have a small finish to share this week.
hanging passport holder
My daughter needs a hanging passport holder for an upcoming school trip, and of course a plain store bought one would not do.   I followed (for the most part) this tutorial found on Pinterest to make one for Ally and her best friend.
the back
This London fabric bought at QuiltCon is perfect as that is one of their destinations.  The other fabrics are Cotton + Steel and Carolyn Friedlander.  The cord was something found in the process of cleaning up my sewing room closet.
crappy cell phone photo
I made these two as an experiment to see how they would turn out with plans of making another set a bit bigger to also hold a cell phone.  You never know with teenagers, so I was quite happy that the girls like them!
love the red zipper!
 I'm not sure what they are supposed to put in that plastic vinyl section.  I don't think advertising their personal information is a good idea.  I guess it would come in handy if using as a badge holder though.  Does anyone have any good tutorials for a hanging passport holder that is bigger and has an extra zip section?

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  1. These are perfect! I'm crushing on your fabric selections. And the cord that you found while cleaning up? So funny! Maybe I should clean and organize my craft area in hopes of finding a treasure or two. : )

  2. These look great! Sorry, I don't know of any tutorials. Have a great week.

  3. Love your fabric choices and the snappy red zippers! Can't help with another tutorial though...

  4. Too cute!!!! You always pick the best fabric!! Maybe at retreat (if we have time) you can help me make a pouch for my planner ;-)))

  5. ohhh . . . I should make one of these for my daughter. She's leaving for Paris in a week but I can't see how I can fit it in with everything else on my plate before we leave Fri for the mountains.