Wednesday, April 15, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 = New WIPs

It seems I am always on the go which prompted me to take classes at QuiltCon that would provide portable stitching skills.  As a matter of fact, out of the four workshops I attended only one required a sewing machine.

embroidery class project
First up was Embroidery with Alison Glass.  I pretty much knew the stitches taught, but it was a nice refresher and I was inspired to pull out some old embroidery WIPs and plan new embroidery projects.

two sample class projects
Another workshop I took with Alison Glass was Modern Appliqué.  We learned four techniques, but by far my favorite was the reverse appliqué using jersey knit.  I love the nice surprise when the knit is cut away and you see the gorgeous fabric underneath!

this WIP also served as my blanket on the train...super soft!
This inspired a bigger appliqué project that I recently took with me on my daughter's orchestra field trip to NYC by train (23 hours each way!).  I used Deep Dark Ocean for the top, Sahara Sun for the back (both new jersey solids from Art Gallery Fabrics) and Melody Miller's Playful from Cotton+Steel for the middle.  Circles, squares and triangles are traced on the top which will result in a shapes themed blanket for my grandson.

good times!
My sister and I were in class together with Katy Jones learning English Paper Piecing.  We both had a blast in this class...laughing, learning, chatting with our table mates, and of course eating chocolate.

EPP class progress
making hexies
Skills I learned in Katy's class came in handy when making the hexie Flower for Eleni and are nice when I join my friends for Crafty Tuesday.

improv piecing
Basic Improv with the Gee's Bend Quilters was the only workshop I used a machine.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories of Gee's Bend and did not do much sewing.  That's OK as I can sew at home any time, but the opportunity to listen to the ladies of Gee's Bend is rare!

So there's my latest WIPs added to my existing, long, and always growing list!  
Since I haven't really done a post QuiltCon recap, here are a few more pictures from my workshops:

love Alison's stitching setup
another reverse appliqué project with all quilting cotton
 The stitches learned in Embroidery were useful in Modern Appliqué.

Class photo from Modern Appliqué 
looking and listening - Gee's Bend
Selfie with the sweet Vicki aka America's Best Friend 
Susan and her daughters in Embroidery class with me 
Overachievers in EPP -  Melissa and Kristy
Teacher's pet!
picture with China Pettaway
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  1. Portable projects do come in handy. Hurray for EPP

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time learning at Quilt Con. I would have been the same as you at the gees Bend class, listening to their stories and words of quilting wisdom. Good luck with your new projects.

  3. Fun to see all your new projects and friends from QuiltCon! I need to work on some portable sewing projects for summer. I'm also working on cutting a few projects so they are ready when I find some free time. I'm excited to do relearn EPP with Stephanie at Gruber's this summer.

  4. Love your hexie flower! EPP is a lifesaver for roadtrips!

  5. What a fun time you had practising and learning all those skills! You will becoming quite the expert! There are always plenty of opportunities for hand sewing!

  6. Hand work is so good for travelling, these are lovely projects.

  7. I'm not much for handwork but am awfully tempted by EPP. Should have taken the class with you.

  8. I sure know what you mean about needing portable projects! It seems I'm always scrambling to choose one! You know, they start out small, but then some of them grow - like EPP - and then are too big to take anywhere! That happens with hand-piecing too. But I adore hand embroidery. After making a whole alphabet blocks quilt, and having a bit of a break from it, I'm ready to start another something. Just need to find the right design. I really like the first photo, a stitch sampler it looks like. Glad you enjoyed your QuiltCon classes. They looked like fun.