Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Sewing

I didn't do much Christmas sewing this year at all.  I'm already planning to redeem myself in 2015 ;-))  Below is the quilt I made for my grandson and a few other small gifts made.

photographed at our holiday rental house
This quilt was made for Leo following the same design layout as quilts made for my mom and sister.  Those quilts were made using three leftover BOMs (my mom's quilt) and three extra great granny square blocks (for my sister's quilt).  This time around I specifically made three blocks to feature certain Cotton+Steel fabrics from my stash.

fussy cut tigers
 All blocks finish at 12" and instructions can be found in 501 Rotary Cut Blocks.  This one called Carrie Nation was selected to showcase fussy cut tigers.  The only non-Cotton+Steel fabrics are by Carolyn Friedlander like this ledger fabric that I can't get enough of.

made sure Florida and Washington were represented
I chose the London Square block for that large triangular piece that is perfect for the States fabric.

X block
Notice the lion background fabric?!  Lions for Leo!  Basically, the entire quilt was planned around this lion print.

the back
This quilt is an example of how the backing doesn't necessarily have to match the front.  It's difficult to see in the picture, but the backing is the Mustang print and a sparkly Basic print.  Leo loves horses!  The navy binding  (another Basic print) ties the front and back together.

Lions, Tigers and Horses...oh my
Quilt Stats:  3 Blocks Quilt for Leo, quilt designed and made by me, quilted using Aurifil #2600 and my walking foot, Cotton+Steel fabrics with a little bit of Carolyn Friedlander, finished size 54"x72"

hand warmers
Another gift for my grandson was a pair of hand warmers.  These are quick to whip up and I plan to make more of these....next time in a smaller size for toddler hands.  These were made with 5" squares lined with two pieces of batting and filled with rice.  Zap in the microwave for about 25 seconds and you're good to go.

Christmas tea towel
Sewing a 3.5" wide strip of Christmas fabric to a flour sack towel makes a nice gift.  I paired this with an Amazon gift card for a friend.

foot warmer
Under Leo's hand warmers is a rectangular-shaped warmer that can be used as a neck warmer or placed under a blanket to warm the feet.  This was made the same way except I added scented oils to the rice.

In keeping with the scented rice theme, I filled pairs of 3" Liberty of London squares for pretty and nice smelling sachets.

That pretty much sums up this year's Christmas gift sewing.  Did you do a lot of handmade gifting?  Are you like me and already making your list for 2015 gifts?


  1. Those Cotton & Steel fabrics are fabulous in your quilt! I am hoarding my meagre supply until I think of what I can make from it! (Not enough for a quilt Im afraid!) I made a couple of gifts to send overseas but that's all this year! I am usually too busy with 'end-of-school' stuff to try to get things made in time! Happy New Year Rene!

  2. That is a great quilt for Leo, I bet he loves it. The handwarmers are a wonderful idea, I may have to make some too. All the best to you for the New Year.