Monday, December 1, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong 12/1/14

It's December already, and I really need to work on Christmas gifts every second of the day in order to make all on my list.  Despite that impossibility, I have two Dear Jane blocks to share.

no paper piecing
These Dear Jane blocks are getting harder and taking a big chunk of my available sewing time.  Last week's paper piecing was not pleasant so even though the instructions for today's blocks suggest paper piecing, I went old school.  By measuring the block diagrams and adding a quarter inch to each section, I was able to cut and piece without any foundation.  Too bad all the blocks won't be that "easy".

Block E-8

Block E-8 made with Liberty of London cotton print from my scrap pile.

Block F-7
The purple print is a Brandon Mably while the background is a Cotton + Steel basic.

on my design wall

I've progressed to 30 blocks so far.  I sorted the blocks by color and realized I have a duplicate print.  My intention was to use different fabrics (other than the background) in each block which means I will need to remake one.  Great....

Wonder what Michelle and Cindy have been up to this week?

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  1. Looking good! I did not manage to sneak in my two blocks this week--but hopefully will do tonight or tomorrow night if I can get a minute! I want to link up! Yay for that little bit of extra motivation!

  2. Love the way your design wall is looking. You have great taste in fabric.

  3. Not sure it would matter having a duplicate! After all it will probably only you who will know! They all look great together too!

  4. Some of those blocks kind of remind me of making all those Farmer's Wife blocks...I did anything to avoid paper piecing. Not a big fan of templates either but sometimes it was a necessary evil.