Monday, November 24, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong 11/24/14

I knew it would happen eventually, and the time has come when it seems I have pieced all the Dear Jane blocks that can be done without appliqué or paper piecing.  

I have put off the paper piecing as long as I can.  The above block wasn't too bad and I like the purple Anna Maria Horner print with the Cotton and Steel background.

 This second block on the other hand was a pain to assemble and took forever.  I used the same Cotton and Steel background fabric and went with scraps from this quilt for the print.

Check out Michelle and Cindy's progress and others who are playing along here.  
I'm off to visit my parents.  Happy Monday!


  1. Pretty blocks again ; ) I do like foundation piecing, but I don't like tearing off the paper

  2. I totally understand putting of the paper and applique blocks. But I like how they look so far.

  3. The fabrics sure are pretty. This is bringing back memories of Farmer's Wife blocks and templates--LOTS of templates....