Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: NOT skiing

It's winter break for my daughter's school, and we are back in Montana for the week.  My injured hand has been the perfect excuse to get out of skiing and spend time sewing.  There are other families here from school so my husband has friends to ski with and everyone is happy!

ready to sew
I keep a little machine here in what I call my sewing closet.  It's not my favorite, but I love being able to sew when I am here, and it is fine for block making.

gathering supplies
This month I was invited to join the Wish circle group of do.Good Stitches {a charity bee}, and I am super excited to participate!  February's blocks are quilty cross blocks made with masculine fabrics in orange, olive green, royal blue and navy.

do good stitches
A few days ago I received an email reminding me of the approaching deadline for the ALL SHIRTS. no shoes. swap.  Oops....forgot I had signed up for that!  I brought supplies enough to make ten shirts but stopped after making one.  Think my Juki is better equipped for sewing over the bulky seams when joining the two halves together.  I don't think one shirt is worth swapping though.

shirt block
For Christmas I received this lovely quilt rack and it is finally put together.  Thanks Mom!  I love having a place for my quilts.  They have been getting used quite a bit this week.  

Christmas gift
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  1. I really like your quilty cross blocks! Thanks for the pattern link! Enjoy Montana.....looks like lots of fun!

  2. Every quilter needs a quilt rack! And yours is great! The shirt block is very cute!

  3. Sew glad you get to sew! Your quilt rack is a precious gift!