Friday, February 7, 2014


Recently I took a road trip home to check on the parental units.  No one was available to ride along, so I downloaded some new-to-me quilty podcasts to keep me company.  I am usually the passenger in the car reading a book, stitching binding on a quilt or napping under a quilt which is what I prefer.  However, listening to interesting quilting conversations made all the difference in the world.  The trip seemed so much shorter and bearable.  

Trip Around the World block
Do any of you have a favorite quilt-themed podcast?  Even on a normal day, I am in the car quite a bit so I am could use some suggestions.  On my road trip I listened to American Patchwork and Quilting with Pat Sloan and The Quilt Cast with Amy Ellis and April Rosenthal.  I loved them both!  One had great interviews and the other was like listening to friends chatting about quilting.  I was inspired by them all.

Our Orlando MQG selected the scrappy trip around the world block for February's block lotto.  I fell in love with this block when the #scrappytripalong was all the rage on Instagram but resisted because of other projects in the works.  I was glad for a reason to give this block a try, pulled out some precut 2.5" strips and went to sewing.

I didn't win the block lotto so I think more scrappy trip around the world blocks are in my future.  I NEED a quilt for my bed made with these blocks!

Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching,


  1. Aren't they fun?! I just gave my top to the long armer today. Can't wait to be using it soon

  2. I resisted when the scrappy trip along was first going strong but have now jumped in and love the block. Thinking of using up a lot of older fabric with this block. As for listening ideas, sorry nothing new to suggest.

  3. I listen to a LOT of quilting podcasts when I am out running or on the road, SO here goes a list of favorites that are still active:

    Quilt Cabana Corner, the Off-Kilter Quilt, Katie's Quilting Corner, Lazy Daisy Quilts, Hip to be a Square, Canadian Quilt Talk

    Is your hand all healed? The cast must be off if you are sewing again! (I'm commenting under a new email since I don't keep my old filmandthread blog any more)

  4. So awesome to see you sewing again regularly! What relief for you and your nails look so pretty!

    Love the block!