Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quick Update

I am still working on Carla's bee block, but I finished Linda's house block.  Just need to fill in my siggy block and put it in the mail.

mod house block
 Debbie made a really cool mod house block which really caught my eye.  Do you ever see something and say to yourself, "I wish I had made that!"?  Happens to me all too often ;-)  Happily, there was a second mod house tutorial on Flickr.   I think the two will go nicely with the other blocks Linda has received.

podcastart 1400 copy
Modern Sewciety podcast

A few weeks ago I posted about listening to quilt podcasts in the car.  Last week I discovered a relatively new one called Modern Sewciety just in time for a road trip to visit my sister.  I am only up to episode 8 (think the podcast is up to 13), but I am thoroughly enjoying Stephanie's style.  If you enjoy listening to podcasts, I recommend you check out hers.  She also has a series of Downton Abby chats, but since I have just now finished Season 1 I am not listening to those....yet.

My road trip was to attend a baby shower.  Regretfully I did not gift anything handmade, but my mom did. Here she is with her grandson (and father-to-be) holding the quilt she made for her great-grandson.  Yes, she's awesome that way!  Check out those prairie points.

giveaway gift
 I won this cute mini quilt from my Instagram friend KatieTKQ.  I just love it!  Thanks so much Katie.

Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching,


  1. thank you so much for the mention!!!! So glad you are enjoying them.

  2. Love your house block and can I say your mom is amazing. What a great baby quilt.

  3. Love your modern house block! My Pinterest board is full of things I wished I'd thought of! Lol!

  4. I LOVE that house block. After spending many years thinking all the furniture from the 50s was awful, I would now love to fill my house with it!

  5. Your mod house for Linda is great! I like the one Debbie made too. And yes, saying "I wish I'd made that block" happens to me all the time. In fact, I also often say, "I wish I'd made that quilt!" Take Doris Brunnette's quilt, for example. Oh how I wish I had the brain of a designer! I don't know how people think up these amazing, creative designs! Thanks for the podcast recommendation. I'll check it out. And your mom is a great quilter. How lucky for you to have her as a role model. And now you're a chip off the old block!

  6. I'm glad she's getting a variety of house blocks. Should be a cute quilt. How is your cross stitch coming along?

  7. NIce house!! Linda is going to have quite a great quilt to build from all the funhouses everyone made.

  8. That is a fab house block. Since I read about you listening to quilty podcasts I set myself up the other day to listen to a few while I tackled a mammoth cutting out job. It was great. Thanks for the prompt. Hope your arm is healing well.

  9. The modern house block is really cute.

  10. The house block is going to beautiful in my quilt! Thank you so much!