Thursday, December 5, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Traveling

I did not post on Thanksgiving as too much fun was happening with the family!  Lots of traveling involved, not just for me, but for Leo too….

Did I mention we took Max the dog as well?!
Four generations- we are all the oldest of our generations too
Florida visit
Leo wanted to see all his great grandparents for the Thanksgiving holiday, so he and his parents flew from Washington to Florida….drove from Florida to Mississippi (all of us caravanning in two cars with the dog and picking up my middlest along the way)….and then flew from Alabama back to Washington.

even during a meltdown he's so cute
Quilts make everything better
After all that traveling (and experiencing 3 Thanksgiving meals), I am pleasantly surprised that Leo et al will meet us in Montana for the Christmas holiday.  This morning's weather forecast reminds me of our first Christmas in Montana when we experienced a 100° temperature drop from the 82° Florida weather to the negative 25° weather waiting us in Big Sky!

Brrr…that's cold!
Now for some randomness…

On the drive Leo experienced Cracker Barrel for the first time...
genius at Cracker Barrel game
Listened to the FSU v Florida game in the car on the ride back even though we had tickets to the game.  Decided I would rather spend a few extra hours with Leo before he flew home than sit in the Swamp watching the football game…. hubby went alone ;-(
Final score 37-7
You might be a redneck if….
Yep, I do that!

Quilts on PBS…
Quilts matter

My mom found this quilt…
Great Great Granny Ellzey's quilt

Fun fabric spotted at LQS…
spotted at my mom's LQS

Have to get my shrimp po boy fix when home
putting up the Christmas tree at Granny's

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  1. That is a lot going on! I'm tired just reading about your adventures! Love the Cracker Barrel picture! We have some like that from our boys! Hope this week was kind to you and saw you sewing!

  2. I think I'd look like Leo if I had to fly! Pulling my hair out. I've never flown ; (

  3. You criss cross the country more than anyone I know! Leo is adorable. I would spend every available minute with him too!