Thursday, December 12, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Preparations

Is it Thursday again already?!  My daughter informed me there are only 13 days until Christmas.  Yikes!

Christmas cactus
Like my Christmas cactus who just now decided to bloom, I am running a little behind with the Christmas preparations.  Sigh…
daughter avoiding the camera
My daughter volunteered her services (and a little of mine) to make Tres Leches for her Spanish fiesta at school.  It was fun hanging out in the kitchen with her listening to Christmas music while she baked for school and I prepped my dip for the OrlandoMQG holiday sew day.

Nutella gift
My husband received this jar of Nutella straight from Italy.  This will be used in some Christmas baking, hot chocolate and just plain ole toast eating.  Search Nutella recipes on Pinterest….it will rock your world!

quilt not blanket rack
I received an early Christmas present from my mom.  Thank you!!!  My quilt rack was quickly put to use.  My daughter even commented on the convenience of having a quilt rack in the family room.  I cracked up when I saw the description on the box though:  it was labeled a blanket rack.

Not blankets!
borrowed from Pinterest
need this!

While out and about the other day I spotted this perfectly colored sewing machine.  Don't you just love it?!

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  1. I spy a wonderful spiderweb quilt in the background. : ) Enjoy the time with your daughter.

  2. That spiderweb quilt IS pretty. My block will be in the mail on Monday (sorry......). Love your quilt rack! And I'm a little afraid of searching for anything Nutella-related--mainly because I'm so super hungry right now...

  3. Yes, I'm a bit behind as well! Great post!