Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Impromptu Swap

Recently my husband and I took a (business) trip to Napa.  This was my first time in California if you don't count airport layovers.  

glorious day
While waiting for our luggage to arrive in San Francisco, I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and took a picture of the local You are Here mugs which I posted on Instagram.

You are Here
That posting prompted an impromptu mini swap with my friend MaryAnne.  I was happy to oblige and glad to have an Austin mug to remind me of our meeting at QuiltCon!  

Happy mail!
When my package arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find an extra goodie - the Studio Stitches/Empty Bobbin pattern!  Fun!

hubby and me
The California trip was last minute and work related so I couldn't squeeze in any quilty get togethers or shopping, but other than that, it was fabulous!

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  1. You were wise to never miss an opportunity to go to Napa... business trip or not! So glad you could go. You're such a cute couple - perfect-looking together. I have a new Austin mug too, and I was fortunate enough to pick it up in person. Don't ya enjoy collecting these neat mugs? I've got three now and hubby reminds me that every time I buy a new one, another older mug has to go.

  2. Next time you come this way, we WILL get together!

  3. Wine Country is such a treat. I will always miss being 30 mins south of Sonoma... Looks like you had a great time and those pics show it

  4. We lived about an hour south of Napa when we lived in CA--loved it--no other place like it!