Thursday, September 5, 2013

Really Random Thursday:

Two days of blogging in a row!!!  Whoo hoo!

Funny card
It's good to write a Really Random Thursday post again.  I had a hard time finding random pictures that aren't already on my Instagram feed, so there are some duplications here. (IG just screams random, doesn't it?!)

so true

I saw this definition of tomorrow on my cousin's Facebook page.  I can so relate to this.  With the craziness that was our summer I have put off more than one to-do item until "tomorrow".

back to school time
Is it strange that I follow my son's university on Instagram (and Twitter) but he doesn't?  Well, it is my alma mater after all so that makes it OK.

Back to school time means new calendar and agenda time.  I opt for the Vera Bradley agenda because I like their format, but this time I was surprised to see an oops.  That's not good.  I rely on my calendar almost as much as I do my cell phone for a backup to my memory.

Mine's the blue one
I have taken to Whirly Word to help with my memory or lack thereof.  I can't get my family to play Scrabble with me - you know the old fashioned with a board and tiles kind of Scrabble (because I always win).  I did play Trivial Pursuit with my daughter and her friend over the weekend which was quite humiliating.

Doesn't everyone use mason jars for drinking glasses?!
My image wasn't improved later when this conversation happened:  Daughter to her friend:  Here's a glass of water.  Friend in a joking voice:  I don't drink moonshine!  Me trying to explain:  We use mason jars as's a Southern thing.  What can I say?

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  1. Great random post! You are right - IG is where I do random best! Love Trivial Pursuit! Have you tried "Words with Friends"? It's a bit of word fun!

  2. Rene', I am so proud that you are keeping your Southern heritage alive. I must look into getting some new drinking glasses.

  3. what size Mason jars? I suppose they're sturdy, but don't they take a lot of room in the cupboard?

  4. I can't believe kids know what Moonshine is! Too funny!

  5. I love the tomorrow quote. I'll have to show it to my son. It goes so well with his, "If you wait to the last minute it only takes a minute."

  6. We use Mason jars as glasses around here, too. And I'm a huge Trivial Pursuit nerd! Unless the category is pop culture or something, then I'm no help! It has never occurred to me to follow a college on IG, but now I'm going to have to see if my alma mater has an account!

  7. I love your randomness this week, Rene'!! What great signs. I have been wanting to get the new limited edition Ball canning jars--they are really blue. Which is kind of funny since I'm not really a blue person. But they are limited edition. If I don't get them now....

  8. I must be in the name but yes we use Mason Jars for drinking glasses (and we are not from the South). My name is also Renea!

  9. So glad you showed the entire hashtag of the Seminoles IG page. I was trying to figure out what a "nole" might be. What can I say? I'm from the Midwest. I love to play Scrabble too! Have you gotten the app Words With Friends? Look for me and I'll give you a challenge! (Yes, something else to do in your spare time.)

  10. I love your drinking glasses, Rene! We also use mason jars as drinking glasses! We live in South Florida, but I'm from NY so not exactly southern lol, and I got the cutest blue ones at Michael's with a 40% off coupon--very vintagey!

    I love your hexy quilt! I am still afraid of doing them by machine, even my hexes with 2-inch sides! Anyway, yours is going to be a real beauty! :)