Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini Monday: Nametag Challenge

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's monthly challenge for October is designing and making your own name tag.  I have been wanting to do this for a while now and the Pinterest pins have been accumulating.  Thanks Yanick for creating this challenge.  

the front
 I used this name tag for reference.  Megan has a paper pieced tutorial, but I "free pieced" the sewing machine using the picture as a guide (after my first unsuccessful attempt at paper piecing) and embroidered other details such as the spool of thread.  

The background is a linen in my favorite blue; the other fabrics are from my scrap bin.  I stitched half of  one of my labels (leaving off the "Creates") on the machine at an angle as my daughter suggested.

the back
 A safety pin on the back serves as the means for attachment.  Easy peasy!

with the optional lanyard
 The safety pin can also be used to hook on a lanyard if so desired.

 I'm all ready for Wednesday's meeting!!!  Can't wait to see what my quilting friends have whipped up.

I am curious.  Does your guild have members design their own name tags?  
What about the "drop a quarter" in the bucket if you forget yours?  

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. Love your name tag! Clever use of your label. I have the same high-tech pin on the back of mine.

  2. Super job on your name tag!! Love it :)
    Michelle (sister...haha).

  3. Central Florida MQG had a challenge last year to make name tags. Only five people did. Everyone else wears their purchased name tags, so that's disappointing. We haven't been enforcing either, offering adhesive name tags. Maybe we need to crack down! Your name tag is adorable. Personally, I don't like to wear mine as low as yours. It feels funny to have people look at my belly - something I don't want to emphasize. I made mine with a hook and eye sewn to ribbon, so I can put it around my neck and wear it high on my chest, like a necklace.

  4. When I did belong to a guild we had name tags. Mine was hexagons ; ) Yours is so cute. Great job

  5. Cute! I bet this will be SO fun to wear! (and show off)

  6. Great name tag, Rene'! You put in a lot of work.