Thursday, February 28, 2013

Really Random Thursday: QuiltCon Pics

Here's a series of random QuiltCon photos for Really Random Thursday:

If only...
Form & Fabric gave away the cleverest project pouches.

Holy Sh!t Balls pouch
This particular pouch was in high demand!
Bee block on a bag
Kristy's pouch sported a mini version of February's MCM Bee block.  Cindy, I haven't forgotten about block is going in the mail tomorrow.

Anne's two quilts
Anne, who is in our MCM Bee, had two quilts hanging in the show.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Rhythm and Blues won 3rd Place in the Large Negative Space category.

Craftsy booth
Love the blue walls of Craftsy's booth as well as their modern/retro TV.

Spin the wheel
Each time I walked by the Spoonflower booth, there was a long line waiting to spin the wheel.  As you can see, everyone is a winner.  I won a Cut & Sew Pattern.

Take Me Home
Janome was offering a steal of a deal to convention goers on their demo machines.  I enjoyed sewing on the fancy Horizon machine, but I resisted the temptation to take one home.

Freezer paper piecing
Here is a sample of what I made in Penny's freezer paper piecing class.  I can't wait to try this teapot pattern again with my complete fabric stash to choose from. 

Teeny tiny pieces
I wasn't quite as successful with the paper piecing project.  Those pieces are tiny!!!

Paper Piecing - failure then success
Can you see my mistake in the left picture?  After some unsewing and resewing, problem solved.

Lizzy House
I enjoyed Lizzy's Mini Quilts class.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.  

Mini quilt for my mini quilt
I had high hopes for my mini quilt at the start, but in the end couldn't replicate my vision on fabric.  After learning from my mistakes, I plan to try again.

Elizabeth's Marmalade quilt
I took half day classes with Elizabeth and Jacquie to learn to make these two quilts - Marmalade and Machine Pieced Hexagons.  

Jacquie's Hexie quilt
Once I unpack, I'll take pictures of the progress made in class.

Austin Children's Shelter
 Various local guilds made quilts for the Austin Children's Shelter from QuiltCon challenge blocks.  

My challenge block
I took pictures of all the donation quilts hanging in the lecture hall and found one of my challenge blocks....couldn't find the other....must be on the back.

Victoria's quilt
There were so many gorgeous quilts on display.  Check out QuiltCon's Flickr page to see more quilts.

Shelly's quilt
 Thanks for stopping by,


  1. What a great post, Rene'! You accomplished so much, thank you for sharing. I love seeing a picture of you, too!

  2. Rene', thank you for sharing. It is so good to see you in front of the camera for a change.

  3. Looks like you had so much fun. Thanks for sharing a picture of my quilt! Those project bags are so funny. I'll be they were in high demand. All your classes look like they were great. Did you come home with all sorts of new UFOs?

  4. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos! It looks like you had a fabulous time!

  5. wow, it looks like a great time!!! Thanks for sharing your photos. So much fun!! (I LOVE the Rhythm and Blues quilt.)

  6. What a great recap--one of my favorites. I MUST make that pouch using the little block--SO cute!! And can we work on some freezer paper piecing in July? I have never figured out that method. I'm glad you showed the pictures of Anne's quilts because only the blue one showed up in my email and I was so curious about the other one.

  7. It's obvious you had a fabulous time at QuiltCon. Thanks for sharing pictures of Anne's quilts. That blue one is stunning. From all the Instagram pics while it was happening, and all blog posts about it since, I think I have a very good handle on what it was like... and what I missed! Definitely a great time, and not to be missed in 2015!

  8. So fun! I love the bag with Cindy's block on it. Love that block. The last quilt...Shelly's. Is that our Shelly?

    I really, really, really want both of those pouches! One of my students says shitballs all the time.