Thursday, February 7, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Five Things

QuiltCon is having a linky party so the attendees can introduce themselves.  The challenge is to include a picture and list five things about ourselves that others may not know.  It's the perfect post for Really Random Thursday.

My Photo
Profile picture
So, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Rene' and I have been quilting for nine years and blogging for about three years.   A few quilty items of interest:  I am founder and past president of the OrlandoMQG; I once traveled 1,600 miles to retreat with nine other quilt bloggers I had never met - these quilt bloggers are now my good friends and we get together once a year; the aforementioned events would once be considered way out of my comfort zone.  A few personal items of interest;  my husband and I have been married 28+ years and have two sons and one daughter; I recently became a grandmother which is! Before becoming the family chauffeur, I was a CPA.  I prefer being the chauffeur...more time for sewing!

Now for the five things you may not know about me:

#1 -  I love to take photographs, but I hate to have my picture taken.   My profile picture is how I prefer to be seen...behind the camera.  So you can recognize me at QuiltCon, here is a picture of myself on the other side of the camera lens.  This photo was captured this past summer when I celebrated a milestone birthday...the one where AARP puts you on their mailing list!

#2 - I grew up in a small town on the gulf coast of Mississippi.  I lost my southern accent when I went away to college, but I still say "y'all".  In honor of the 80's Dance Party, I thought I'd show my college ID taken in the 80's.

College ID - the 80's
#3 - Rene' is not my first name, but rather it's my middle name.  Don't ask me why because from day one, my parents called me Rene'.  When growing up this made for a confusing, not to mention embarrassing, first day of school when it came time for roll call.  (Do they even do that now?!)  When I married, I took advantage of the name changing to officially make Rene' my first name.

I have the medal to prove it!
#4 - Even though I do not like to exercise, I once "ran" a half-marathon.  I met my goal of finishing the race and not being the last to cross the finish line.  Just don't ask me what my time was.

Just a few of my notebooks
#5 - I am a list maker and note taker.  I am constantly making, revising and merging my numerous lists. I usually have multiple lists and journals in use at any given time.  Even though I keep a digital calendar and make notes on my iPhone, I still prefer paper and pen(cil).  The red leather notebook above is my latest favorite.

Are you going to QuiltCon?  If so, I hope you stop me and say hi!
I am looking forward to the classes, lectures, quilts, vendors and meeting other MQGers!


  1. It was so much fun learning more about you! Have a great time at QuiltCon!

  2. Lovely to get to know you better ; )

  3. You are a CPA? Your first name was Deborah? Ah, I just LOVE getting to know more about you. Wish I was going to see you at QuiltCon, but really Gruber's isn't THAT far off...

  4. So wish I was going! I also have lists and notebooks coming out of my ears and love a good pen or pencil instead of digital most of the time… I also say 'y'all' but I have no idea where I picked that up. I DO know where I picked up my tendency to say 'eh' and 'aboat', though…. :-)

    Your college ID is awesome. And hello, Gorgeous!! You certainly don't look like the AARP should be knocking on your door.

  5. Love this post. There is much I didn't know about you! You are a very cute college student and ARP member. :-)

    Um, you think you've lost your southern accent? That's funny.