Thursday, January 31, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Out and About

When I am out and about is usually when I find interesting tidbits for Really Random Thursday.  For example, while waiting for my daughter's turn at her violin solo and ensemble event,  I saw this on the middle school cafeteria wall.  It could have been left there just for me!

words of wisdom
While browsing antique shops looking for a small desk I saw these lovelies....

antique yo-yo quilt
I have to say I was glad to see the yo-yo quilt was not for sale.  I don't like thinking of someone's hard work being sold cheaply.  Instead, the quilt is lovingly on display.

Yes she is!
This pillow is so cute.  The words are also so true!

 While I did not come home with the two lovelies shown above, I was delighted to acquire this small desk for Ruby (my featherweight).  Check out the cute little low back chair included in the purchase price.

Charming desk
While the desk is small, it has a pullout designed for a writing tablet.  Hmmm possibly this could be used for trimming blocks?

Large enough for a small cutting mat

I love the little drawer that is just spacious enough for accessories.  I am very pleased with my recent purchase!

supply drawer
I  made a new quilting friend while browsing the magazine section (Crafts and Hobbies of course) at my local Barnes & Noble.  She noticed both of us were looking at the same magazines and invited me to join her in the cafe for coffee.

quilt magazines
More evidence of the friendliness of quilters!  My new friend is from across the pond but is familiar enough with the area to know there is a quilt show in town this weekend.

Great Britain
We chatted about quilting in general and also discussed the various quilting guilds.  She pointed to an article in a magazine about her guild, and I invited her to visit ours when she is in town.  Rebecca, if you are reading this, it was nice meeting you and I hope to see you again.....maybe at this weekend's Quilt Fever!

from the archives: feeling groovy
I have never been to the Quilt Fever show in our area.  It's a biannual event that never seems to work well with my calendar.  Come to think of it, the only quilt show I have been to was in Minnesota when I first met my friend Shelly who is today's peace pattern party hostess. (Like my seque?!)

another oldie but goodie photo
My friend Shelly lives on a ranch with her Cowboy so I pulled out my favorite cowboy boot picture.  Remember the retreat foot photo I showed the other day?  That's right, Shelly is the one wearing cowboy boots!  She even sews in her cowboy boots.  I may or may not have a photo of Shelly in her PJs wearing her cowboy boots at the ironing board during retreat.  Shelly pieces the most amazing quilts (with really tiny pieces) and then quilts them beautifully on her longarm.  If I ever finish When I finish my Cowboys/Cowgirls quilt, I am sending it to Shelly!

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Oh and I just noticed that today's post is number 550.  Whoo hoo!  I leave you with the latest Leo picture I have received.  He looks just like his daddy at that age.  I sure miss this guy!!!

Have a wonderfully random Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Fun Really Random post! Leo is a cutie! Does he have red hair or is it the picture?

  2. Love your little desk and other fun items. (Leo's the best, of course!) :D

  3. Great seque.. and that has to be the cutest pic of Leo, yet!!!

  4. So many fun things here! I could comment on and on. Love the cute little writing desk which is so perfect for your Featherweight. And that you met a fellow quilter at the bookstore, and chatted over coffee? Well I love that! Quilters are the best people in the world! How cool that you're going to a quilt show this weekend. I hope you see some things that are inspirational to you. As for that cutie, Leo, I am TOTALLY empathizing with you over missing him. I have some wee boys too - three of them between the ages of two and three - two of whom I rarely get to see anymore. I miss them SO much, so believe me when I say I understand. Don't cry because that will just get me started too.

  5. What a perfect desk for your featherweight!! Love it :) Wish I could join you this weekend at the quilt fun would that be?!? And Leo is just as precious as always!!

  6. Such awesome randomness. I'm behind in my reading (will I EVER catch up??)and I saw my feet in the other picture. How fun. Your desk is wonderful. JUST perfect for Ruby!

  7. Haha -- I remember the feet picture! (I also remember wearing my boots with my PJs at retreat, but you can just keep that one to yourself!) Leo sure is growing fast. Can't wait to get my hands on your Cowboy/cowgirl quilt when you get it done.

  8. I love that comment on the wall. Awesome. Love it. Love your new little desk, too. wonderful. Excuse me, but how did Leo get so big?! It's like he just popped up!