Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Finish: Week of Posting

I don't have a quilt finish to share today, but I did finish the week by publishing a post five days straight!  Does that count?  Once upon a time that was the norm ;-)

"Memories" made by my mom for my sister
Last Friday I shared a picture of the quilt my mom made me for Christmas - her first quilt ever.  Her second quilt went to my sister who this week posted a picture on her blog.   My sister has a blog post here that shows my mom's second quilt ever made.  Next Friday I plan to share with you the THIRD quilt my mom made which just happens to be a peace quilt.

From the archives:  Pinwheel layout
In the meantime, Stephanie has a peace quilt finished and is hosting today's bloggy Peace pattern party.   Stephanie chose to make the pinwheel version for her daughter and let Elsa pick the fabrics.  I saw a picture of the quilt in progress, and it's awesome!!!  Please go see for yourself and leave a comment on Stephanie's post for a chance to win the pattern.  

Swap goodies from Stephanie
Stephanie is another Gruber 's retreat buddy with mad sewing and designing skills.  I was fortunate to benefit from her creativity during our Gruber's swap.  She's also super sweet, generous and encouraging (a prerequisite for attending a Gruber's retreat...ha!), and I am benefiting from those traits now as she tests my Peace Quilt pattern.  I know how long it takes to trim all those HSTs!  

One more from the archives
I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the Peace quilts this week.  If you missed any, the links are below.  Next week there will be five more quilts revealed and five more chances to win!

Monday, January 21 -  Katie at KT Quilts 
Tuesday, January 22 - Michele at  Nostalgic Cafe 
Wednesday, January 23 - Cindy at  Live a Colorful Life 
Thursday, January 24 - Michelle at  Frustrated Quilter 
Friday, January 25 - Stephanie at Peas in a Pod 
Monday, January 28 - Terri at Terri's Notebook 
Tuesday, January 29 - Doris at Made by a Brunnette 
Wednesday, January 30 - Mary at Mary on Lake Pulaski 
Thursday, January 31 - Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts 
Friday, February 1 - back here for a give away

Enjoy your weekend!  Happy Stitching!
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  1. Rene', you are too kind. I loved every minute of making this quilt. I am so excited for you with this new pattern!

  2. I have loved seeing the Peace quilts! I just left a comment on Stephanie's blog too...hoping to meet both of you someday...maybe at market?

  3. I'm still amazed at Mom's mad quilting skills!! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's Peace quilts...looking forward to next week's reveals. Big hugs to you ;-)