Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Only one this time

After yesterday's triple zip pouch I wanted another zipper project but needed something quick so I made a circle zip ear bud pouch.

Used Erin Erickson's tutorial
This is the second one I have made, and I just love how quickly the pouch comes together.  I even remembered to add my label this time.

Can never find my earbuds
 Did you notice I cut into my Hope Valley stash again?  Still small projects until I can figure out the perfect quilt for these lovely fabrics.  

Need to vacuum my lab
These cute zipper pulls are a motivating factor to me.  Now I am actually looking for projects that use a zipper.  Who would have thought?

From the archives:  My happy place
I made a mistake with my Peace pattern bloggy party links.  My friend Doris will be showing her peace quilt today, and the correct link to her blog is this.   I just read her blog post (wanted to make sure I didn't mess up the URL again) and completely fell in love with her quilt.  She made some fun changes.  You NEED to see what I am talking about.  While there, leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of my peace quilt pattern

Sweet feet
While browsing my pictures I was surprised to discover that I don't have any pictures of Doris other than group shots (or toe shots or group toe shots).  Don't know why this is as I have attended three quilt retreats with her...need to rectify that in July.  I  have quite a few pictures of her quilts, does that count?Anyway, Doris is the best and was super helpful to me with the finer points of pattern writing since she has written several herself.  I am thankful for her friendship, admire her quiltmaking skills and am a little envious of her cool cars ;-)

Below is the list of corrected links to the various peace pattern reveals and giveaways:

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Friday, February 1 - back here for a give away

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  1. I think my job cuts into my sewing time. I haven't even pulled fabrics for the triple zip and you are done two pouches! It's just darling !

  2. I need to make one of those pouches; currently my earbuds are missing and I can't find my backup pair--ugh! And about not having pictures of me, maybe it's because I dislike having my photo taken/or that I am rather not-photogenic (so if you did take any they would have gotten deleted as not flattering).

  3. I love these little pouches! I also love the colors you pulled for this one.

    How fun to see our sweet feet! I had to look closely to find mine!

  4. Love the toe shot! Who could those cute, pink cowboy boots belong to? :-) Love your circle zip. I have those zipper pulls, too. I look for places to use them as well!

  5. Oh that Doris is a sweetheart. We used to park our VW Bugs next to each other at MQG meetings and sewing days. Now, both of us have sold them. (sob, sob) I'm so glad you know her too! Thanks for sharing that earbud tutorial back in December. I've made several of them now.