Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Down

As promised, I stayed inside (away from bears) yesterday and sewed.all.day.long!

I took advantage of my husband's plan to fish all day...
....he was happy (caught/released 30+ fish)
....kids were happy relaxing around the house
....and I was happy getting reacquainted with my little machine!

I am pleased to say that I completed the Super Star quilt top!!!!!
I LOVE how it turned out, and my son is sweet enough to say he loves it too!

Unless I change my mind, I will quilt this one myself....when I get back to Florida and my bigger machine....and then I will show the entire quilt.  For now it is folded up in my suitcase.  
If I'm brave enough, I may pull it out at the retreat for show and tell;-)

So of the three WIPs that came with me to Montana, one quilt top is finished!

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Great job Rene'!! Enjoy your vacation and sew as much as you can!

  2. Well done, Rene', I am sure your fellow show-and-tellers would like to see it (including us..)!

  3. LOVE the stars!!!! I am so glad you had such a productive day. Hoping for one myself today. Still trying to figure out where to quilt now that my "frustration" wants to get into everything. May take it out to the back porch (my sewing machine, not cat...haha). Counting down the days...