Friday, June 17, 2011

Enjoying the Process

You would think as far behind on the two graduation quilts as I am, that I would be rushing to finish them....that is my modus operandi.
Instead, I have slowed the pace down and am enjoying the process of actually making the quilts. What a concept, right?!

{Disclaimer:  random unrelated photos because can't have a post without pictures ;-) }

Organized piles from cutting session
Don't get me wrong....part of me would love to zip quickly through these quilts and move on to the numerous other quilts screaming in my head to get out....but for today (and for as many other days as I can stand to) I am happy to thrill in the pondering over layouts and see the Shining Star quilt take shape....delight in honing my quarter-inch-seam-stitching skills when piecing the Shoofly Blocks....daydream of idyllic days spent on the beach watching the not-then-high-school-graduates-but-four-year-old-cousins build sandcastles....plan future quilts with the fabric scraps from these two graduation quilt projects....

Selvages saved 
 Although all this "enjoying the process" will delay their gifts, I hope my son (Shining Star) and niece (yet to be named Shoofly quilt) will feel and appreciate the love and time that has gone and will go into these quilts....if not now, then maybe when they are older.  If not, that's OK because I am...feeling the love that is ;-)

LOVE fabric for future project
 I realize this should not be an "Aha" moment or an unique experience for me......this should be what quilting is all about...and it's just sometimes I need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses enjoy the process!!!

Adorable quilty bird gift from a wonderful quilty friend!
Quilting is also about making and spending time with quilty friends.
This week I met with quilty friends (bearing gifts no less) at an impromptu sew-in and spent a couple of fun hours sitting, chatting, binding, cutting fabric, and discussing current trends/scandals/drama in the quilt world;
tomorrow I'll enjoy more quilty friend time at OMQG's Sew Day;
and in three weeks I'll reconnect with quilty friends (sans three) made last year, meet (and dare I say...make) a few more quilty friends, and see my sister at Gruber's quilt retreat!

{I'm finishing this post at my hairdresser's...don't you just love technology!}

Hope you have the opportunity this weekend to stop and enjoy the process too!


  1. I do love technology! Have you upgraded to the iPad2? It's on my birthday wishlist...

    And quilty friends are the best... if for no other reason than they understand our obsessive thoughts!

  2. I, too, love technology. Unfortunately, it has taken me away from quilting lately. I am SO looking forward to our retreat. I can't imagine anything better than spending a few days with my sister. Except, of course, quilting with my sister ;)

  3. I can't believe it's only three weeks away and I can hardly wait to make some new quilty friends! and then you'll find out how happy your picture of the selvages makes me!

  4. Acutally, it' great fun seeing other's 'stuff' out and about and seeing how much they are truly like us...makes a bond!I used your purchasing of AAQI quilts for a post in my Liberated Challenge Blog that I maintain with all the files I pulled off the one I started over at Clare/Tonya's main page for Liberated Quilting. I'd taken over for far too long. Now,it's mine, quilt free and I can post anything I want about anything any of you make/buy/sell. Such fun!!

  5. love having and being a "quilty friend"!