Monday, June 27, 2011

Adventurous Beginning

Well, our trip out to Montana got off to a dramatic start....

Packing for this trip took some planning since I had to take into consideration that this time I fly out of Montana for the quilt retreat in Minnesota.  The biggest suitcase I could find One entire suitcase was devoted to fabric for finishing three quilt WIPs and two possible retreat projects (oh and my cowboy boots). Well, this all important suitcase DID NOT arrive as scheduled!!!!!  Two things came to mind...thank goodness I had the sense to pack the completed sections of the three WIPs in my carryon....and how much does 50 pounds of fabric cost to replace????!!!!!  

Actually more than those two things came to mind, but no need to go into that ;-)  Shortly after I had calmed down (somewhat), my son realized that he left his wallet on the plane...we won't go into the specifics of the conversation that ensued....
Good news is my suitcase was eventually found and delivered, and I received a phone call from the airlines while typing this post that my son's wallet was turned in! 

There is no curbside pickup of garbage and recycling here.  Instead, we drop those items off in a designated Refuse and Recycling area.  These photos have not been edited, and I'm not sure if you can read the signs.  One permanent sign says "BEWARE OF BEARS", and the temporary sign on the trash compactor says "Out of Order Use Open Container".  

Ummm.....whose brilliant idea was that....if there are bears around you don't want trash in an open container....duh...and look at the trash on the ground....even for a Refuse center this area is usually pretty clean....I mean look at those gorgeous mountains in the background...why spoil the view.....

......Anyway, I'm not really sure what "open container" we were to use, but do you see who greeted us when we wanted to dispose of our recycling?  Please note, this picture was taken with my cell phone and NOT with a zoom lens!

I took several pictures of the bear as he walked towards the cardboard recycling "bins", but when he headed our way, we decided to leave without disposing of our garbage.  You will also notice that all the pictures were taken from INSIDE the car.  My husband wouldn't allow me to get out of the car to get a closer far as I know my cell phone won't zoom in...and this was just a black bear anyway.....

Have an amazing day...I'm staying inside today and sewing!!


  1. How scary, we are not used to bears around here. I too have enjoyed watching reruns of Culombo. It reminded me of growing up, finally being allowed to watch more grown up tv.
    You were so lucky to get both your luggage and wallet back!

  2. What a relief that your precious fabric turned up! How stressful. Obviously a very 'smart' person thought an open container would work. Real 'smart'.

  3. I'm glad your belongings were found, safe and sound! But the trash plan really seems like an accident waiting to happen! (We've had several bear encounters while backpacking...exciting and dangerous at the same time!)

  4. Ha ha, Rene, you sound so blase: "it was just a black bear"!