Saturday, February 19, 2011

They Made Me

I took three quilting projects with me to Montana, and I had high hopes of finishing all of them....
...but "they" made me sled, ski and socialize instead.

{Not so great home movie of me sledding}

 I'm so glad they did!  I had a blast seeing and meeting other families from my daughter's school who also had the brilliant idea of spending their winter break in the most beautiful place on earth!

I did manage to finish this quilt only because my daughter was sick the last day.  It's appropriate that this Basics Housing quilt was the one I completed in Montana, since I also started this in Montana on a previous ski trip.

Wendy quilted a fun stars theme which I think jazzes it up somewhat.  The backing was pieced simply with red and white fabrics.  The quilt is now headed to Basics, Inc.

Now to get on those other two projects.....


  1. OOOH WEEE! that looks like fun! Love the quilt!!!! You know the next day we give the BASICS uilts away is April 4th! Another super special day!
    woohoo! Looks like your having a blast in Montana!

  2. Looks like you had a great time, and your quilt is making a difference in someone's life!