Monday, February 28, 2011

A little of this...

...a little of that is what I have been doing.

This AAQI mini was supposed to be finished in February, but will count toward my March goal instead.  It just needs a little quilting and binding to be complete. 
Has anyone else made any Priority: Alzheimer Quilts this month?

{While checking the AAQI links for this blog post, I noticed that one of my quilts sold.  This is always exciting.  AAQI announces on Twitter when a quilt is sold...the reason I set up a Twitter giving the quilt number, amount raised, thanking the maker of the quilt AND THE BUYER.  Thank you buyer of #6331!!!!}

Saturday was Sew Day for the OMQG.  Thanks to the creative genius of Michele and Julie, our members now receive an OMQG logo tote bag and cool name tag when they renew their membership.  So hard to believe our guild is starting its second year!

I had way too much fun chatting at Sew Day to get much done.
Somehow I did manage to make some boobs for Nina Lise's project.

Saying I am "making boobs" is quite the conversation starter ;-)
You should try it sometime...maybe at your next quilt gathering.

I made these boobs by using strips trimmed from off the sides of the Artist Palette quilt.  The instructions call for a light back fabric, and this is perfect as it already has a layer of batting.

I used blocks from  my orphan block basket, pinned them on top of the batting and followed the instructions provided on Mrs. Moen's Make a Boob blog.
I'd like to make some more before I put them in the mail to her.

Thanks for leaving me a comment on why you like blogging/blog reading.  I'm working on a power point presentation for our guild meeting discussing quilt blogs and Flickr, and it's interesting to hear how others view the topic.  

The random number generator (my daughter who picked a number between 1 and 14) chose lucky number 13 to receive the Red Centre pattern.  Mary on Lake Pulaski (we had 3 Mary's comment), it's headed your way.

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Love your AAQI quilt! Thanks for reminding and inspiring us to donate. I sent two in February after reading your original post.

  2. Looking forward to see all you scrappy boobs, Rene'; they look gooood!