Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busy Quilting

I finished the quilting on the charity string quilt and my daughter's quilt.  
The pictures may not reflect this, but I also sewed the binding strips onto the quilt tops.  I just need to finish hand sewing the binding onto the backs.

I still do not like the quilting process.  Sometimes I think I never will, but I refuse to give up.

I'm going to keep trying.  I do find the quilting easier on wheelchair size quilts versus full size quilts....no surprise there...the smaller size is more manageable on my machine.

At least I've figured out my binding process, and now I actually like hand sewing the binding onto the back.  It still takes me a while to do this, and I have to take many breaks because of my arthritis (that makes me sound old, doesn't it?), but I have learned to be patient (sort of) and enjoy the hand stitching.

It's amazing what can be accomplished when resisting temptation ;-)

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. I can sympathize Rene' - I can't tell you how ambivalent I am about machine quilting in general. Like you, I don't mind attempting small projects (really small projects), but it's easier and cheaper (in terms of my sanity and the value of my time) to just drop anything bed sized off for the longarm people to work their magic. I love these two quilts and you did a fab job with the quilting :)

  2. Looks good Rene! I'm sure the hand binding can give you a hard time with your hands.. I feel it in my hands too...which is a bummer as I love binding... the final savoring step! The quilts look great!

  3. That Peace fabric is awesome! Love these all...

  4. I enjoyed your post about quilting. I’m glad to hear your sticking to it despite some obstacles. I think your work is really good.