Thursday, August 5, 2010


Aren't friends the best?!!!  Old friends....quilt friends...non quilting friends...bloggy friends met...bloggy friends you'd like to meet...they are all wonderful!!!

I don't title my Wednesday posts Wonderful Wednesday! for nothing ;-)  Yesterday (as I try to do most Wednesdays) was spent with friends.  Our sixth Orlando Modern Quilt Guild was held yesterday, and we had another awesome meeting.  Here are some of our members showing off the "ugly" fabrics they received.  Can't wait for Show and Tell in October to see what they come up with.

Kathryn gave us a way cool demo on soy milk/watercolor painting on fabric.  Everyone got a chance to try the technique, and we went home with the recipe, instructions and too many new project ideas spinning in our heads!

Cara also brought her brand new baby Daniela Marie to the meeting which thrilled us all.  I resisted the urge to take a picture as Daniela was sleeping so peacefully.  We all agreed it's best not to wake sleeping babies.

Since moving "back to this side of town" as some of my friends put it, I've gone back to having them over for "Wine Down Wednesday".  Now if only I can convert them to quilting.  Hope, where were you when I needed you?

Yesterday, I received this oh-my-gosh-so-fabulous hand made card and needle book from my bloggy friend Anne.  Thank you Anne, I love it!!!  I saw the pictures on her blog, but never thought it was for me...the camera is just perfect for her Film and Thread blog.

Here's the inside ready for my needles!  I have seen these cute needle books all over blogland and have been meaning to make one.  This is one project I can mark off my to-do list....Yeah!  Thanks again Anne, and hope we can get together soon IRL!

Toni, a bloggy friend I did get to meet, sent me this great Brooklyn Revolver after hearing I didn't have one.  It is great for cutting smaller pieces of fabrics...hexies for example.  Between Angela and Thelma's posts and tips on making, traveling, and storing hexies, Anne's needlebook and Toni's Brooklyn Revolver I now have no more excuses to put off making these adorable hexies.  

As you can see, I have made many hundreds more to go?

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. It was a fun meeting! I had a blast as usual. Love your cute needle book. Just perfect for you. And welcome to the little hexie craze. They're kind of like potato chips. You can't make just one. The fabrics you've chosen are going to be so neat.

  2. Looks like a great meeting! I love hearing about the new things you are learning, and the cool projects you do and share. That needle book from Anne is so cool! How thoughtful of her. I have been seeing these needle books more lately and feel like I need to make one too. Great friends you have!

  3. Glad you like the needle book!

    I'm dying to know more about the soy milk/watercolor technique. Does it have to be made with fresh soybeans?

  4. Brooklyn Revolver - sounding like a gangster! sorry I missed the wine...guess one of these days you'll gave to get me into the hexagon thing - yikes!