Tuesday, March 9, 2010


More decluttering than sewing going on around here.  I'm becoming a regular at Goodwill.  The guys even noticed that I had washed my car in between visits.

These piles of fleece are destined for Project Linus.  Hopefully, they will get made into blankets sooner than if they hung around in my closet.

As I was making piles of clothes to send to Goodwill, I realized some of my shirts and pants could be saved and used for quilt projects.  Am I the last one to realize this?  So a pile of 100% cotton and linen clothes were removed from one closet and put into another closet.

Always check the insides of your purses before giving them away.  I found money tucked inside a hidden pocket.

All in all, I think I was the one who benefited from cleaning out my closet.  Not only did I donate items to Goodwill and Project Linus, I learned to recycle clothes for quilting, I scored by finding $173 in an old purse AND I found a forgotten outfit.

The cash and clothes were found just in time for the Taylor Swift concert!!!!

I finally settled on a quilt design for my Liberated Amish quilt top.  Last night I marked one side and did some hand quilting while watching 24.  It went faster than I would have thought.  I took some pictures, but you really can't see the stitching.  I'll try again when I've quilted more.

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. I LOVE finding money in a pocket or purse.....I don't know exactly what makes it so special, it's the same stuff the ATM gives me, but I like it so much better!

    Taylor Swift, how was the concert, does she sound as good in person as on the radio?

    Congratulations on your decluttering, there's some of that going on here as well.

  2. I'm getting rid of stuff too- 2 giant bags to Value Village (for Community Services for the Blind and our local Boys&Girl's Club)... and I found a twenty in the pocket of a jacket!! Not as big a score as yours, but it's exciting to find bonus cash, no matter the amount!! :D

    (And I loved reading about your mom's sewing-"love is something if you give it away, you end up having more..."

  3. We always give to Goodwill, too. I had to laugh about the guys noticing you've washed your car. Too funny. We get a lot of Lost and Found at work, Barnes and Noble. You'd be surprised what people leave in the store! After weeding out the "trash", I take that to Goodwill, too.

  4. $173?? I'm lucky if I find a quarter or two!

    Yeah, it's pretty scary when you (I) get addicted to Goodwill. They have quite a bit of nice fabric masquerading as used clothing.