Thursday, February 18, 2010

LOVE Project

What to do?  Still not much sewing going on.  Lots of sickness going on though.

I added some stripes to my Amish quilt.  I just hope I don't run out of the aqua fabric.

While watching the Olympics, I tried to decide what to do with my Amy Butler Love fabrics.

I am hesitant to cut into those beautiful fabrics.  Since I haven't found a quilt pattern with big enough blocks to showcase the fabrics, I sketched out an idea of my own.

I'd like to get started on this soon.  Wish me luck on this latest "doing my own thing".

Have an amazing day!!


  1. The Amish quilt is looking beautiful. I love the colors!

  2. The Amish quilt is just incredible! It's really a yummy piece to look at!

    The Love is just, well, lovely! I'm waiting to the weekend to go buy some!

    Have a great day with lots getting done on your sewing table!

  3. Hey Rene! Sorry everyone's so sick. We went through that for a couple weeks earlier this month.
    I saw this story about Quilts for Kids and I'm sure you know about it, but thought I'd share the link just in case. It looked right up your alley.

    Hugs to everyone from me!

  4. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll find something scrumptious to do with those fabrics.

  5. Be confident and have faith in yourself! There is a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you design your own quilt! Oh, and the Amish quilt is charming!

  6. Hope the household is on the mend. I love your Amish block-the aqua fabric really brings it to life.
    I'm sure what you choose for the other fabrics will look great.