Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Work

I don't usually get much sewing done during the weekend as I'm doing family things.  This weekend was no exception.

I decided on the backing and border for my Amish quilt top.  It is basted and ready for quilting.  If only I could decide how to quilt this.  I think I am going to hand quilt it, but what color thread and what pattern, I have no idea.  Help me, please!

I managed to sew one long strip of my LOVE quilt.  I'm taking it one block at a time and deciding which fabric to use as I go along.  

There are only six days left in February.  I know I will not meet all my February goals, but I'd like to make one Dear Jane block by then.  Actually, if I accomplish that I will have met all my goals but one.  That's not too bad considering I worked on some projects not listed as goals.  

Time to get back to work.  Have an amazing day!!!


  1. There are a couple of very easy DJ blocks that you could finish in no time!

  2. For quilting ideas, have you looked at the Flickr group called Modern Quilting Stitches: Life Beyond Stippling? There might be some ideas there. The Amish quilt is so, so fantastic.

  3. Hey Rene', Your Amish quilt is stunning! Well done!

  4. Your Amish quilt looks fantastic! Anne's idea about looking at the modern quilting flicker group is a good one...there are some great ideas posted there!

  5. totally lost my comment there, sorry!

    quilting in matching thread to let the design and colors capture the eye!

    the love quilt block is amazing! I'm so impressed with what you've accomplished already, I give you the rest of February off if you need it! lol

  6. I always work on projects that weren't my official goals too! Love the Love quilt progress as well!