Monday, September 28, 2009


After not quilting at all over the weekend, I spent most of today working on a paper piecing pattern of a cowboy boot.  I do not like paper piecing.  I am sure it is because I don't know what I am doing.  So after a few hours and several mess ups, I threw in the towel (and my fabric in the scraps pile).

I wanted to feel like I accomplished something today, so I spent some time cutting fabric for several projects.  I cut quite a few strips of batiks, diamond shapes for my daughter's quilts, hexagons for a Montana quilt project and squares for a scrap project.

This was not exactly how I had my sewing day planned, but at least I spent a few hours in my "office".



  1. I'm happy you accomplished something! I get frustrated too when I"m not as productive as I like when I'm in my sewing room.

    Nice pedicure though!

    What's up with the edges on those pieces, are you using some kind of cutting machine?

    I too am surprised at the amount of time I've spent this month reading and writing blogs....I've not used the Marti Michelle templates made for jellyrolls. I TRY not to buy something until I'm going to use it!

    Today is my big day in my sewing room, I'm hoping to accomplish quite a bit and will be working with batiks so it should be a color filled day!

  2. I understand totally....some days things just don't go like you plan. I am not as comfortable with pp as I am with piecing, but I find the more I do it the easier it gets. Maybe your pattern is just to detailed?

    Do you use a zig zag edged rotary cutter?

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog-
    I've set a goal to sew (even if it's just for 15 minutes!!)everyday. Doing a couple of the Quilt-Alongs this summer has convinced me that it's a good way to get things going and get things done too!

  4. Regarding the zig zag cutter .... it is a new tool for me. I thought I would try it out on some blocks that I planned to raw edge applique - not sure that is correct term - to give a more finished look. We'll see how it goes.