Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Color Blind

First of all, let me say, THANK YOU to those of you who posted comments on my first ever blog post. I never imagined such a response on day one. Your kind words made my day!!!! The drawback to discovering this new blog world is that I spend WAY too much time browsing and reading these hidden treasures. I have come across so many amazing quilt related blogs, and I know there are more that I have yet to discover.

The above picture shows strips of batik fabrics I am working with relating to a quilt for my stepfather. He is color blind and can only see blues and yellows. This project has been harder than I thought. I am not sure I like the way it is coming together. All the fabrics have been purchased and cut - 34 different 1/3 yard- for a Boardwalk pattern by Laura Heine, so I am sort of stuck with it. I will continue to work on it, and depending on how it turns out, I may decide it is not gift worthy. I am thinking a Plan B may be in order.

The above quilt is shown here for my ten-year-old daughter Ally. When I proudly showed her my blog page (I had kept it a secret from everyone until the first post), she pouted and said, "Where is my quilt? Why isn't my quilt shown in the picture? That's not very nice!" I tried to explain the concept of pixels and having to crop the picture to fit the banner, but she was not satisfied with my answer. So, here is a picture of one of her quilts.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Rene'! I find that blogging does keep me motivated to keep working on my projects (so I have something to blog about) but I also find that I spend a lot more time on the computer than I once did. It's worth it though...I've made a lot of great quilting friends thanks to my blog!