Monday, February 8, 2016

January Bee Blocks

Despite an unexpected hospital stay (I'm OK), I managed to finish my January blocks in the month of January!  I will use the hospital stay as my excuse though to not get them in the mail early enough for the recipients to receive them in January ;-)

For Peace Circle of do. Good Stitches, Steph requested rainbow/low volume diamond HSTs keeping them in two halves so she can mix them up for better variety.

Elizabeth is working on a new pattern so our Mid Century Modern bee blocks are top secret!

Sew Sisters doesn't start back up until February, so technically I am all caught up....sort of!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I'm glad you are ok, yikes. Will I see you at QuiltCon? Nice to be caught up on the bee blocks.

  2. So relieved you're doing better now! Great block! I've always loved diamond HST blocks, so now I'm inspired to make some.

  3. So pleased to know you are home and recovering! Elizabeth's quilt is very intriguing!

  4. So glad you are doing better. I was quite worried.