Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday Finish: Travel Pillow

Yay for finding time to sew a small finish while on vacation!

I bought a yard of these three fabrics at the LQS and used some of it to make a small travel pillowcase.

I used this tutorial once before leaving off the prairie points.  Since I had three different fabrics, I decided to give prairie points a try.  Not hard at all!

It's the perfect size to take on the plane...not too little....not too big.

For some reason my family gets embarrassed if I take my king size feather pillow ;-))

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Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!


  1. Oh, it's beautiful Rene! The yellow prairie points are a perfect finish to the edge, echoing the flying geese design!

  2. Love this Rene'! So glad you added the prairie points. It turned out beautifully :-)))

  3. A very pretty pillow Rene'. I planning on making a couple of pillow cases to go with my new bed quilt soon. Can't imagine carrying a king size pillow onto a plane though.

  4. Great fabrics! The prairie points are so cute!

  5. Cute as can be! Anyone would be proud to travel with you carrying that pillow! :)

  6. Lovely fabric - and very cute the way it came together in the travel pillow. Thanks for sharing it and the link to the tutorial you used!

  7. I haven't done prairie points for years and I've forgotten how cute they are--I may have to give it a whirl! Glad you got some time away. Take care--