Monday, June 29, 2015

June Blocks

Our MCM Bee added new members this year and rearranged months, so I get to be Queen Bee sooner.  That's the reason I am giving for not having my Dresden quilt finished before requesting new blocks!  I was so proud of completing my first bee quilt before the second round that I wanted to keep it up.

bubble block in blue
I chose Aylin's bubble block this time around and my bee mates have been gracious in making this block for me.  It's not the quickest that's for sure. 

slightly crooked picture of Elizabeth and Susan's blocks
Susan pointed out that four of these blocks make up our bee logo.  Very cool!  The pattern can be purchased here.  You can search Instagram using the hashtag #MCMBee or #midcenturymodernbee to see other blocks made by our bee members and #aylinnilyabubbles to see other blocks made using this pattern.

House block 1
House blocks were requested for Wish Circle bee.  I made these while out of town so my fabric choices were quite limited, but I think they are quite cute.  We used this tutorial if you'd like to make some yourself.
House block 2
Amanda Jean's block for Sew Sisters bee will be made while on retreat.  This is the first time retreating since our bee started so it should be quite fun making bee blocks together.

It's nice to have my blocks completed and blogged in the same month!
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  1. You make gorgeous blocks. I love house blocks, and yours are great!
    You also may not have the most fabric, but you do seem to have the best!

  2. I am also desperately trying to finish my Modern Amish from July last year, as its my turn next. That's not going to happen because I am hand quilting, but hopefully with postage times, I might be, by the time they start rolling in! I love the little houses blocks...a cute variation for sure!

  3. I love those bubble blocks and also Aylin, who I met in person in London. Your bees are really good.

  4. Your bubble is done, just need to get it in the mail. Have fun at your retreat. Half the group seems to be from MCM.