Monday, June 8, 2015

Great Granny Square Block

When I shared my Sew Sister bee blocks, I had not decided on May's block for Michelle.
She requested any block that had meaning for us....first block pattern ever made, a favorite block, a block we have always wanted to try, etc.  In the end I chose a great granny square block as we had collaborated on a great granny square quilt for our mom's 70th birthday.

that's better
All print fabrics are Cotton+Steel, Michelle's favorite fabric line.  Originally all the fabrics were selected as a representation of our childhood, but I goofed on the center block (see below).  Now the center block represents where we retreat annually; the kitties/tigers are kind of an inside joke between us.  I am terrified of cats (although there is an old picture of me holding a kitty) and refer to this print as a tiger.  Michelle loves cats and calls this print a kitty cat.  Of course, we played jacks and had viewfinders as children.  I went with Kona Robins Egg as the background which is another favorite of Michelle's.
Here is my original block where I didn't take into account this block is squared on point.  I unstitched the center section and recut those squares but did not have anymore Mississippi print.

making do 
I didn't want to waste that Mississippi block, so I incorporated it into a 6" block with more tiger fabric.

small size spiderweb block
Spiderweb blocks are a recent obsession, so I had to make one for Michelle.  I used this tutorial for assembling but changed the dimensions so the block measures 12" finished.

She has received her blocks now, and I'm so glad she likes them.  I can't wait to see what she does with the different blocks made for her.


  1. The Great Granny is a fabulous block! I think I have only ever made them for a bee block- might be time to re-visit it again! The Duck Egg blue is such a pretty shade- I'll b need to look for that too! Thanks for the inspiration Rene!

  2. What a fun idea, Rene'! Thanks for sharing it and I love your memories for Michelle!

  3. Thanks for all the info. Love your pillow, I bought that book to...also I need to make those passport holders.

  4. You're such a nice sister to create a block with so much significance for her. And I sure like that Spider Web block - always have. You've gotten me to thinking what to do with a garbage bag full of selvages. This just might be the block to do.