Tuesday, March 10, 2015

QuiltCon 2015: Charity Quilts

There is so much to say about QuiltCon...the quilts, the classes, the food and of course the people/community....  I did not enter any quilts into QuiltCon, but I did play a small part in three charity quilts that were on exhibit.

One of the special exhibits at QuiltCon was  Pieced With Love: The Quilts of do. Good Stitches showcasing twelve do. Good Stitches {a charity bee} quilts.  I was excited to learn that one of the selected quilts was from our Wish Circle.  Geese in the Round (quilted by Caitlin) was one of the first Wish Circle quilts I participated in...see my block there in the bottom right corner?!

OrlandoMQG charity quilt-quilted by Ellen
Our OrlandoMQG members made blocks which were assembled into this QuiltCon Challenge Charity quilt.  All the challenge quilts were hanging in two of the ballrooms.  I was unable to get pictures of all the charity quilts, but I did take pictures of more than half.  I uploaded a Flipgram video on instagram if you want to see more.  If you search the hashtag #52QGoestoQuiltCon, you should find it.

Four of my blocks are in this quilt
Since I'm on the MQG Charity Committee, I wanted to also participate in the Region 4 QuiltCon charity quilt with several individual MQG members from my region.  I met two of them at QuiltCon but sadly didn't get a group picture with our quilt.

Region 4 Charity Quilt
I am still decompressing from my QuiltCon experience,  as well as still unpacking from that trip, so I plan to spread out my blog posts detailing my week in Austin.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Congratulations on being such an important part of the QuiltCon exhibition! Love the Geese in the Round- its a lovely colour palette!

  2. What a wonderful trio of quilts you contributed to. I bet it was great seeing your blocks again. I am looking forward to reading about your Quilt Con experience.

  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures - you had a busy winter!

  4. Too fun to have your blocks in the show! I'm still finding lots of posts about Quiltcon and even though I thought I saw ALL the quilts, it's amazing how many I did miss! Great post!