Thursday, May 8, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Adventures

My husband and I have a big anniversary coming up, and our gift to each other was adventures in airstreaming.  The story behind our purchasing a camper is kind of funny and started out as a joke, but here we are!

you have to admire Disney's style
Since we are airstream newbies, our first (and only one so far) trip was an easy one to the Disney Fort Wilderness campground.  I got a lot of chuckles when I told friends and family this.  We are not big Disney fans and don't like crowds so we stuck to the camping part and didn't venture into the parks or participate in their organized events.
snippet of our weekend
 We grilled, biked, canoed and enjoyed the relatively (not too terribly hot) nice weather.  Even Max got to go camping.  Not sure he's convinced this is a fun activity.

our only souvenir
We did make one stop to the "outpost" for a cold beverage and couldn't resist the Mickey Mouse ice cube trays .....
really does taste like apple cobbler...with a shot of whiskey
....and the moonshine!

my daughter's picture
My daughter was most impressed by this Thor sticker on our camper.  She's such a Marvels fan and Avengers nerd!

kind of scary!
I guess for this reason I am not surprised her brother brought home THIS cake for her birthday!  Her favorite gift was the very cheap inexpensive Thor keychain I bought her.  I just love that about her.

My middlest is home for a very short break between semesters.  You can't tell from this picture, but these two really do love each other's company.  I think they were discussing the meaning of life or some other important topic.  Eric is home in time for our next camping adventure.  Lucky him!

quilt block washi tape
happy mail
I mailed a few quilty happies off to friends.  Put my new washi tape to good use and pulled out my rubber stamps too.  I love receiving snail mail, and I am trying to share the love by sending some too.

Flatter spray matching my HSTs
So happy to say I did a little bit of sewing yesterday.  This quilt needs to be finished really soon.

We are leaving for another quick camping trip this weekend so the sewing will have to wait...
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  1. Enjoy camping! Love that washi tape. ;)

  2. A fun look into your adventures! I curious though- what is a happy band? ( in the first photo???) enjoy your weekend!

  3. Congrats on the upcoming anniversary! And the new camper! Sounds like a fun adventure for your first time out. Love the cute cubes and fun cake too.

  4. Sounds like fun. I am kinda pushing for a camping trailer in our future.

  5. It's great that you're finding a new way to spend time with family, and enjoy a get-away from home. Hope it continues to be fun, even when it's hot (?). Sorry I've been missing out on your newsy blog posts. Will try to do better... maybe when my schedule thins out a bit.