Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lots Going On

No matter my desire to blog regularly, I can't seem to average more than two to three posts a month.  I'm determined to get back to my once-upon-a-time-five-days-a-week posting schedule.....

You are were here!
I have been busy and have some interesting things to share.  I am home now after almost three weeks away.  I won't bombard this post with three weeks of pictures, don't worry.

Instead, I'll show a view teaser pictures to give you an idea of what I've been up to!

moved my sewing lab upstairs
visited this little guy
introduced my grandson to quilting

hung out with some quilty friends

enjoyed my daughter's spring break
came home to some really fun mail
I hope you have been spending some quality time with friends, family and your sewing machine!!!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Don't apologize my dear. Life is busy and we can't do it all......
    Well I can't anyway ; )

  2. Been busy here too! Looks like you've been having happy full fun days!

  3. Looks like you've been enjoying yourself. I can't imagine blogging every day. I'm lucky to do 1 a week.

  4. Hey there! I can do it all. Why can't you?! Ha! You've been having fun, and that's what life is all about. So happy for you to be playing with a new sewing machine! I hope it meets all your expectations. Of course, we want to see all the fabulous sewing you're doing.